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This is an email distribution list for Landmark Forum graduates in Wisconson so they can keep connected and continue the work of transformation in their lives. While Landmark as an institution has it's own website (http://www.landmarkworldwide.com/), the reality is that events/info listed there are focused on the Chicago area. To better support WI-area graduates, we are creating this easy to use email structure so that we can celebrate victories over our past, make requests of the group for help/coaching when we are stuck (non-financial), share stories about SELP projects that are empowering local communities, send reminders about new seminars or other Landmark events in WI, and collaborate to create fun social events in the area for graduates and their communities.

Further, this distribution list will serve as a way of means of on-going training for graduates who cannot participate in the on-going seminars, a long under-served segment of our community. We will send tips, techniques, primers and links to relevant public domain information that will empower graduates to continue to put the past in their future so they can experience more power, freedom, self-expression and peace of mind in their lives.

As with any Landmark community, the basic rules of no-soliciting applies. Reminders and links to participate in paid-for Landmark events are the only type of invitations of this nature that will be shared as this is core to the existence of the group.

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