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Cubacel 3G UMTS Mailing List

Acerca de la nueva tecnología 3G en la banda 900 MHz implementada por Cubacel. Principalmente con artículos no muy técnicos y para debatir vía email entre los usuarios de Cubacel sobre los servicios de Cubacel y las redes móviles en general con el objetivo de que cada miembro de la lista optimice el uso de su celular y sus servicios.

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Mein Tauberkreis - Morgenpost

Latest informations and news regarding the german county "Main-Tauber-Kreis" distributed on the various channels :Facebook, Twitter, via Mail or Web www.meintauberkreis.de

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Portland Raging Grannies Members

The Portland Raging Grannies is an activist group of women over 50 who are committed to peace, social justice, human rights, and environmental protection. The purpose of this list is to provide a place for members to discuss logistics of upcoming actions, plan events, and discuss issues about running the group. The listserv will also be used to share information about and political issues.

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VIP Audio Access

A list to inform, empower and encourage both beginner and advanced visually impaired and blind musicians on the latest technologies surrounding audio access solutions. Discussion on: - Content of the website www.vipaudioaccess.com. - HSC (Hotspot Clicker), it's useage and development. - Any scripting solutions for audio access. - Current and future accessibility of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software. - VIP audio resources (e.g, specific software, websites, training material, musicians, tuition etc). - Sharing access and musical experiences, e.g, challenges, pitfalls, tips, advice, help and successes.

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Nelson Pickleball

All correspondence for the players of Pickleball in Nelson BC Canada

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IBM Ring 89

Serving members of IBM Ring 89 in Battle Creek/Marshal Michigan.

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Westbrook Safe Mobility & Access Committee

A citizens' advisory committee in Westbrook, Maine, advocating for safety, mobility, and access for non-motorized road users.

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PTBK herrsektion

This is a contact list for male senior members in the local tennis club PTBK in Pavelund, Gothenburg. The main function of the list is to exchange information on schedules and events that are of concern to the list members. The list is closed-post.

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Portland Raging Grannies FYI

The Portland Raging Grannies are a social activist group of people over 50 who identify as women. We work for peace, social justice, human rights, and environmental protection. This list will be used by members to share information about letter writing and telephone campaigns to elected officials, to share petitions, and to share information about upcoming social actions that we are not directly involved in but that our members might be interested.

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Hopkinton Sportsmens Heavy Hitters

List use by members of Hopkinton Sportsmens Association (www.hsasports.com) to discuss and plan recreational activity.

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Discussion Group for the Philadelphia Computer Users' Group for the Blind and Visually Impaired

This is a discussion group for the Philadelphia Computer Users' Group for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

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Valley of the Blind

A social and support group in the Sacramento area for blind and low vision persons. Blind and low vision parents, blind technology, living skills, and finding people like you. Monthly gatherings in various locations through out Sacramento .

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Squash Group at JAC Casgrain Center

This group is for people playing squash at John Abbott College Casgrain Center. This group is run by members of the Casgrain center; it is "not" associated with John Abbott in any way. This is a purely social group that like playing squash. All squash players are welcome to join.

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VarioUltra User Group

This list is an open forum for VarioUltra customers to share experiences, ask questions, and get answers about VarioUltra use, connecting with other devices, etc. It is moderated and maintained by BAUM (USA) Inc.

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Cycling Group Basel

cyclist in Basel, mainly from Novartis and Roche

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Blind Cooks

Welcome to Blind Cooks; a place where people with visual disabilities can exchange messages about how to improve their cooking skills as they relate to the daily challenges of being blind or visually-impaired. People with all levels of experience in cooking from beginners to seasoned cooks and even professionals are welcome and needed so as to benefit everyone. Whether you have a ton of questions or wish to share your wisdom and experience, this is the place for you. Come on in and exchange your favorite recipes, discuss the latest adaptive products, and improve your cooking tecniques and procedures so you can make dishes even you can't resist!

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A mailing list for Chevy El Camino enthusiasts, particularly those interested in using more modern technology like electronic fuel injection, computer-controlled transmissions and other items that were not available when El Caminos were on the market. Discussion and advice will be offered in all aspects of El Camino projects, but the emphasis will be on the use of leading-edge technology to create vehicles that are safer, more economical to operate and more fun to drive.

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Kiama Welcomes Refugees

Community group formed to support refugees settling in the region and to promote compassion and tolerance for refugees from all backgrounds.

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An International community of Independent Service Dog Owner Trainers that share resources, tips, tricks and techniques from around the globe.

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Montclair Runners

List Server of former Montclair Runners Meetup Group

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VarioUltra FR

Liste de discussion dédiée aux plages Braille VarioUltra. Echangez vos expériences et partagez vos connaissances. Cette liste est modérée par BAUM Retec France SAS.

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BUDC - info

To publicise our club to non members enabling questions to be asked to officers of club about the training and activities offered.

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Showgsd-l The Conformation Fancy Meets the Age of Technology

The List exists for the purpose of assisting the American / Canadian German Shepherd Dog Fancy in leveraging technology for the benefit of the fancy and for the benefit of the dogs. This is an advanced user list for breeders and Showers of the GSD in North America.

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Bradford Action Shooters

Action shooting activities and discussion at the Bradford Sportsman Club, Charlestown, RI

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Harris Hill Soaring

Harris Hill Soaring is a flying club in Elmira, NY, which operates flight facilities for persons interested in the technology, skills, and lore of motorless flight. Through flight training and studies of aeronautical principles, members become FAA-certified glider (sailplane).

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OBE Members

Mailing list for all current members of the Okanagan Business Excellence group

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Paradise Riders

A group of bicycle riders that believe the destination (Guinness and Pie) is as important as the ride.

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Knoxville Electric Vehicle Association

The Knoxville Electric Vehicle Association is a chapter of the national The Electric Auto Association [EAA, http://www.electricauto.org]. The EEA is a non-profit educational organization formed in 1967 in San Jose, California to promote the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. The Knoxville chapter holds informal meetings on the second Saturday of each month at 11:00am at the Smokey Mountain Brewery Restaurant [11308 Parkside Dr, Knoxville, TN]

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KFZ und Industrienews - Automobile and Industry News

Kfz und Industrienews ist eine Werktaeglich gespeiste Liste mit News aus der Automobilindustrie und nahen Industriezweigen beispielsweise Werkzeug und Energie, zusammengestellt aus Presseaussendungen und Newstickern. Sie besteht aus deutschsprachigen Meldungen und einer englischen Uebersetzung. KFZ and industry news is a news collection released on workdays consisting of news from automobile and near industry branches like tools and energy collected from press releases and newstickers. It consists of German news and an English translation.

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Motts Home Owners

Motts Landing Home Owners

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a support email listfor vibug members who have questions about assistive technology

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TunerPro discussion and release mailing list

This list is for TunerPro and related software discussion, as well as developer-to-user announcements regarding release and bug information. This is an open discussion list where list members can discuss TunerPro related matters with each other.

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We are a small group of scouts who are still trying to stay in contact years after our former scouting organisation ceased to exist.

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Cubs Win!

Mailing list for the fall ball team.

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Arizona Rough Riders Members

Arizona Rough Riders Members

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SBS Oracle cource participants

A closed group for the SBS Oracle cource participants.

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Banstead Underwater Diving Club Members e-mail

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Stories Strata BCS2000

Email list for distributing messages to BCS2000 Stories Strata owners and residents.

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Chestnut Hill Social Club

List to discuss matters of interest to the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of West Towson, such as social events, sustainability initiatives, traffic and zoning issues, home maintenance.

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Blind And Visually Impaired Golf

A form for blind and visually impaired golfers to communicate about issues related to golf.

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Rabatz intern

Rabatz is a group of people fighting for a social center in Paderborn (Germany). This list is for internal communication and consultation.

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Kiters at HB and doing Kiting around Oslofjord

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Membership list and chat for BAIT, Bay Area Itinerant Tripoli. High power rockets will travel.

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Traffic Management and Enforcement and Road Safety

Discussion about Traffic Management design, Traffic Enforcement (including Parking and Bus Lanes, Road Safety and related matters) - mainly affecting local Councils in the UK. NOT about traffic signalling - go to the TCUG freelist

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WW2 Escape and Evasion

During WW2 many military personnel were stranded in enemy occupied Europe. This mailing list is primarily concerned with researching and documenting the escape lines that were set up to help evaders return to the UK, the people who ran the escape lines and the evaders who passed through them.

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This List Server limited to members of the SWCC User Group. Members are owners, users and instructors, both past and present, of the SWCC. This group offers support to all members of the community through senior centers, computer tech fairs and local colleges. Plus keeps members informed of all current hardware and software developments and provide a foruumfor exchange of new products and ideas.

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A mailing list for Finnish aquarists about aquacultural issues.

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second hand zone

A place for blind people to discuss specialist products they use, ask advice on, sell, swap or give away unwanted items. also to offer advice on useful gadgets that might make life easier.

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41xx 13th Ave S Block List

An email group for residents of the 4100 block of 13th Ave S.

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English Scots For Yes - Edinburgh

For discussion and organising campaigns for the Edinburgh Branch of English Scots For Yes

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