Re: RAC and ASM disk layout

Depends of how you understand "if you know the way how it works"...I
do not have to know (every single detail) how internally one airplane
works, but if I know all the possibilities of the airplane and how to
use them efficiently, it is enough for me to make my flight efficient
and comfortable.
Like in a Formula 1 race, Michael Schumacher knows how to efficiently
use and drive good car designed by good engineers, and he was 7 time
world champion :-) Give one of those good engineers to drive this car,
he won't even finish the race :-)

I am not saying that a ASM is perfect (CBO is not perfect also) and
that can be used in every
situation, but if used properly in right situation, can make a life of
a DBA much easier.
Kevin, from a database point of view, could you please explain what we
can not do with the ASM?


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