[bksvol-discuss] Re: Mindless frivolityRE: Re: 2 questions for the gang

I'll tell you my secret.

I snark the books on twitter if they're horrible. That's the only way I got through reading Flowers in the attic.


At 06:09 PM 3/2/2010, Kim Friedman wrote:
What can I say? Chacun a son gout. Those titles would make me wince and shy
away from them as one would shy away from fleas, bedbugs, etc. Better you
than me, kid. That's all I care to say. I'll proof romances if the titles
aren't abominable. I applaud your sense of humor. Is it warped or twisted or
did you have something happen to you that you're attracted to these sorts of
titles? Okay, who am I to fault your choice of reading matter? It's your
choice and more power to you. I'll just shake my head and mumble about how
it takes all kinds to make a world (theatrical sigh with headshake). Take
care of your self and have a great week. Regards, Kim.

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