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Hi guys, 

i'm here, i'm always here. 

Pls don't worry, and pls don't hurry.

There are a lot of departments in the big ZTE company, so there are a lot 
of walls between the departments.

So we need some times to handle an issue but we will do it.

Best wishes,

Ben | 应贲 System engineer
Project Management Dept. IV | ZTE Handset Division
Seat A2016, Room A205, No.889 Bibo Road, Pudong District, Shanghai. 
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[ztebladeopensource] Re: Turies

So when HTC, Samsung and SonyEricsson has started to open up their 
bootloaders (SonyEricsson and Samsung even gave away free phones to 
CyanogenMod developers), ZTE starts to make their platform more closed. 
That is a bad move in my opinion.

Do they not realize that open and customizable phones and tablets is what 
people wants and expects now?

I Sweden users of the ZTE V9/Light even bought me a tablet because they 
wanted custom ROMs for it. They suggested it, not me. Now they can all 
enjoy a very stable Android 2.3.7 (in the form of CyanogenMod) on their 
tablets thanks to the community. We can even do multitouch gestures as 
zooming and rotating even though it's a single touch resistive screen. And 
all the work the community put into it can be found on github so what we 
fix and enhance can be useful for ZTE.

If this is where ZTE is heading, then my next device will be from a 
different manufacturer.


PS. I also would like to know where I can find the kernel source for the 
ZTE V9C (Reliance 3G tab).

Sebastian Robinson skrev 2011-10-23 18:29: 
Thats very true, it makes the Turies a bit of a non-starter for us tho, 
theres no released exploit for 2.3.5 as of yet, so no way to root it, and 
there is no kernel source, or anyway to re-write the boot partition if we 

lets hope that the fastboot problems are an error and will be fixed with 
an update....

On 23 Oct 2011, at 09:18, József Király wrote:

It might be a modified fastboot, what only accepts uploads via a serial 
console - JTAG, by example. It wouldn't be a surprise, as ZTE has been 
deliberately trying to disable user-flashing, and removing fastboot is a 
bit against the Android principles (to always have a method what can 
recover a dead device). While this principle is not official, as I heard, 
Google requires it most of the time (to make the work of warranty services 
easier, and unified, except Samsung ofc...), and disabling it wasn't the 
best step, so locking it down (á lá HTC) might be a better solution.

2011/10/23 Tom Giordano <tomgiordano83@xxxxxxxxx>
Fastboot without USB is a bit pointless, I don't know why they would both 
including it in the bootloader, but if you can't see anything in lsusb it 
is certainly broken. 

On 23 October 2011 11:04, Sebastian Robinson <
sebastian.robinson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'll grab a config tomorrow, if I try and build it against the SKATE 
kernel source there is seems more than happy until it gets to the board 
file, so I cant imagine its going to be too different...

but then it is the usual story with ZTE now, we could 'fix' it but I'd 
rather have the official source from them since its part of the licence 

Im fairly sure that fastboot has no USB, I've not had this problem with 
any of the other devices I've tried it with,  from my linux box doing an 
lsusb just shows no USB devices, I've tried it on a windows PC and OSX 
just to be sure. 

I also tried using USBTrace on my windows box and its not seeing any sort 
of activity on the USB port when its in fastboot mode, I can get the thing 
into FTM and it's connectable via QPST so im fairly sure there is 
something up with fastboot mode.....

unless you have any other ideas I could try 

On 23 Oct 2011, at 00:50, Tom Giordano wrote:

The board files should be fairly easy to add (assuming the 2.6.32 source 
is correct). Can you pull a config from your device so I can test it 
compiles before I upload source (I can't find a Turies rom). 

USB should work in fastboot, maybe you have a permissions problem (if 
using linux run it as root). USB is deliberately disabled in recovery by 
ZTE's FTM_MODE config switch.

On 23 October 2011 04:24, Sebastian Robinson <
sebastian.robinson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Guys,

I'm not sure if anyone is still subscribed here, or if ZTE follow this, 
but I just wanted to flag up that the ZTE Turies is now available to buy 
in the UK, but there is no sign of the source code on ZTE's support 
site....   It comes with a 2.6.35 kernel, so I checked the Skate and 
Roamer source but was unable to build a kernel using that since the board 
files are missing.

I also noticed that when I reboot the device into recovery or fastboot 
mode there is no USB, is this on purpose?


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