[Wittrs] Re: Understanding "Understanding" in Searle

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> > We are not very far apart here, I think, though I do sense that you are 
> > more radical about this than I am.
> moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue :)
> Josh
> =========================================

Hmmm, wasn't that "liberty"? My own alternative goes like this:

"Verbosity in the pursuit of specificity is no vice.
Specificity in the pursuit of verbosity is no virtue"

I guess the phrasing works rather like a logical formula, just plug in one's 
desired terms.

(I have occasionally been forced to invoke this when accused of going on way 
too much to make my points! And, indeed, I have found it rather hard to ensure 
clarity through specificity without, occasionally, resorting to verbosity. Even 


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