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There was no file. You cab send it back channel.
The Mitsar while recording is measuring always, irrespective of the montage
the whole band up to 70 Hz, for the selected electrodes(so the physical
electrodes). After recording you cab play with different montages.
To check for 50Hz act. set the notch fil;eter on none and you should see not
too much 50 Hz.
If you have a lot of 30-40Hz activity(gamma) then there is a great
possibility that that is EMG.

If you send me the file backchannal I can look at it.

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> Hello,
> we have recently run a couple of children with ADHD using the Mitsar and
> seem to find excess in beta as opposed to the more expected slow theta
> activity. I have attached a file and would welcome any comments any may
> have.
> Also, the montage we used had a baseline of 0, a low cut of 0.1, high cut
> 50 and notch of 50(0.1)Hz. Could this in some way have influenced the EEG
> any way??
> thanks
> david
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> -- File: TG101290_eyesopen.EEG

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