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  • Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 15:37:08 -0000

I have some questions re the Mitsar equipment.  I apologise if you've seen
these before.

1)  What is sensitivity in the biofeedback program?  Is it the percentage of
a biofeedback parameter that is computed during the Setup period--ie, the
feedback threshold?  Or is it an actual value of the biofeedback parameter
ratio that we are asking the subject to generate?  But then, why does the
scaling of the graph change as sensitivity is changed?  

2)  In the table analysis, what does the % of frequency band refer to.  I am
assuming that the Hz is the peak frequency in that band.

3)  Is there any way to set session length or to see time during the
neurofeedback session?

4)  How do you turn on audio feedback?  We can set the on/off
characteristics, but not actually turn the sound on--even by choosing the
music on/off choice on the ----menu.

5)  How can you get a reading of actual or average mV's for the various

6)  EEG indices -- How can you get a value for actual or average theta/beta

7)  Has anybody sorted out how to write reports?  

All the best,

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