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The beta excess subgroup of ADHD represents about 10% to 20% of the ADD/ADHD
population, depending on the  study... Chabot, or Clark's studies are
probably the best two on this topic.

Beta spindles can also be from medications, like Valium, Xanax, Ativan,
sedatives/barbiturates, and most sleeping medications.  regular beta can be
increased by stimulants and antidepressants too.

There was no attachment... if the list won't allow attachments, you can
share the image on the qeeg_images list.


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> Hello,
> we have recently run a couple of children with ADHD using the Mitsar and
> seem to find excess in beta as opposed to the more expected slow theta
> activity. I have attached a file and would welcome any comments any may
> have.
> Also, the montage we used had a baseline of 0, a low cut of 0.1, high cut
> 50 and notch of 50(0.1)Hz. Could this in some way have influenced the EEG
> any way??
> thanks
> david
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