[wineeg] Re: Default Montage may be the culprit? Was [Re: WinEEG ver 1.4]

  • From: "David E. Myer, Sr." <damyer@xxxxxxx>
  • To: wineeg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 22:00:30 -0500

Hi Joe,

Although we had planned to be in Udine, we need to focus attention on=20
getting our qEEG business up and running. We had hoped to receive our unit=
back in December, but it only arrived 9 days ago.

I agree with your assessment of IHB. In every interaction, they have been=20
quick and correct. I met Valery at SNR inPhoenix, Arizona last fall, and we=
had a wonderful conversation. Part of my contribution will be a review of=20
the manual regarding idiomatic US Standard English. Along the way, I will=20
also scribble some notes about what actually seems to work when you want to=
perform biofeedback, or hook up  the ECG signals, and so on: i.e. the=20
task-oriented view of the manual content. But first, I need to get all the=
way through the manual once. Then I can try other things.

My boss, Anita, continues to develop a nice relationship with some of the=20
local universities here, with the purpose of putting together some=20
publishable research efforts. Today we hosted some ladies from Harvard=20
University's School of Public Health. We spent  considerable time in=20
front  of our Mitsar system,  talking about ERP, ERD, EOG, and the rest of=
the aphabet soup. We hope to continue our discussions, eventually=20
collaborating with them.

I have to confess, though, that I feel a little bit like someone who is=20
being served his new dinner, and It proves to be a whale ---- all of it.=20
However, all technical things decompose into smaller ideas that can be=20
reassembled into accurate understandings. It only requires time. And the=20
occasional help of good friends.

Best Regards.

Dave Myer
Boston Neurofeedback

At 11:00 AM 2/12/03 +0100, you wrote:

>Unfortunately the formatting of my previous e-mail was stripped,
>making it a tedious read indeed.
>I don=3DB4t have any formal or economic connection to Mitsar, other than
>having bought the software/hardware and appreciate the effort that
>Valery Ponomarev, the programmer, has put into the project. The
>Mitsar has a lot of flexibility and excellent features,  relatively
>intuitive, as well as fun to work with. The people at the Institute
>of The Human Brain (IHB) at The Russian Academy of Sciences led by
>prof. Juri Kropotov are generous as well as gifted. The IHB-resources
>for customer support are scant, so my contribution is getting a User
>Group running. Now if only they could port WinEEG to the Mac...  :-)
>Are you coming to the ISNR-E conference in Udine, Italy next week?
>At 20:34 -0500 11.02.03, David E. Myer, Sr. wrote:
> >Joe,
> >
> >
> >BTW: What connection do you have with Mitsar ? Once far enough removed=
> >=3D3D20
> >the US White House, no one would likely confuse Norway with St.=
> >=3D3D20
> >And so, my curiosity was raised.
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