[wineeg] Re: Default Montage may be the culprit? Was [Re: WinEEG ver 1.4]

  • From: Joe Siri Ekgren <joesiri@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: wineeg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 11:00:02 +0100


Unfortunately the formatting of my previous e-mail was stripped, 
making it a tedious read indeed.

I don=B4t have any formal or economic connection to Mitsar, other than 
having bought the software/hardware and appreciate the effort that 
Valery Ponomarev, the programmer, has put into the project. The 
Mitsar has a lot of flexibility and excellent features,  relatively 
intuitive, as well as fun to work with. The people at the Institute 
of The Human Brain (IHB) at The Russian Academy of Sciences led by 
prof. Juri Kropotov are generous as well as gifted. The IHB-resources 
for customer support are scant, so my contribution is getting a User 
Group running. Now if only they could port WinEEG to the Mac...  :-)

Are you coming to the ISNR-E conference in Udine, Italy next week?

At 20:34 -0500 11.02.03, David E. Myer, Sr. wrote:


>BTW: What connection do you have with Mitsar ? Once far enough removed from=
>the US White House, no one would likely confuse Norway with St. Petersburg.=
>And so, my curiosity was raised.

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