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One piece of advice with this groupware stuff is that it must be
something they will go into every day, or it will quickly have a fall
off in usage.

The groups we have been most successful with are ones that use it as
part of their work flow (research) and have integrated applications into

Also, make it part of their start up routines so it's in front of them
everyday (even though I know many users desktops are a bit cluttered,
this has been a very good way for us to get IM and Sharepoint usage up),


Ken Leitman  


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Actually I found a solution for the issue I had, it was with mail not
working from the sharepoint portal. It was a case of not paying
attention the RTFM-law. I found where to set a mail-server after a
while... Didn't see that the installer had created a second virtual
server specifically for administration and on an odd portnumber.
<slightly blushing>


Do you guys use the Windows SharePoint Services v2.0 anything?


I tried eGroupWare, an ASP-driven, well, groupware a few years back, but
it didn't get any attention with the users. Now to try again with
something looking a bit more flashy and easy to navigate, and that also
looks a bit easier to administrate eGroupware.


I saw a note regarding it on the Yahoo! Outlook Users-mailing list and
decided to have a look at it myself. Turns out it does everything I want
it too. Next to sell it to the users... The shared events and
announcements parts alone, would make them go berserk with joy (or
something) I think.


Same thing with the wifey when I install Sharepint Services on our
home-intranet - we always seem to miss or forget to add events and
announcements to the paper-calendar in the kitchen leaving us both with
a sense of (slight) irritation.




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We are always willing to help where we can Sorin.


Sorin Srbu <sorin.srbu@se> wrote:

        Is Windows SharePoint Services a proper topic for this list?
        # Sorin 

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