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  • Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 15:56:46 +0200

Actually I found a solution for the issue I had, it was with mail not working
from the sharepoint portal. It was a case of not paying attention the
RTFM-law. I found where to set a mail-server after a while... Didn't see that
the installer had created a second virtual server specifically for
administration and on an odd portnumber. <slightly blushing>
Do you guys use the Windows SharePoint Services v2.0 anything?
I tried eGroupWare, an ASP-driven, well, groupware a few years back, but it
didn't get any attention with the users. Now to try again with something
looking a bit more flashy and easy to navigate, and that also looks a bit
easier to administrate eGroupware.
I saw a note regarding it on the Yahoo! Outlook Users-mailing list and decided
to have a look at it myself. Turns out it does everything I want it too. Next
to sell it to the users... The shared events and announcements parts alone,
would make them go berserk with joy (or something) I think.
Same thing with the wifey when I install Sharepint Services on our
home-intranet - we always seem to miss or forget to add events and
announcements to the paper-calendar in the kitchen leaving us both with a
sense of (slight) irritation.


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We are always willing to help where we can Sorin.

Sorin Srbu <sorin.srbu@se> wrote:

Is Windows SharePoint Services a proper topic for this list?



# Sorin 

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