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That is why you should look at Altiris.

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I have heard those types of thing about SMS, and I see that RIS seems to
focus on deploying an entire OS.  All I really need to do is install a small
client (2-3MB) on about 50 desktops.  Most of my users on the WAN come
through via Terminal Services (Metaframe) so I don't have to worry about
them, I just put it on the server and I am done.  It is the various PC's out
there that I don't have time to visit.  SMS seems like serious overkill for


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We wrote our own in-house system years ago. All the commercial stuff either
had loads of features we didn't need (MS SMS), cost a fortune (MS SMS) or
didn't even work properly (MS SMS). Our own is starting to show its' age but
easy enough to update. I'm in the process of making it more WAN-friendly

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Hello all, I was wondering if any of you had suggestions for pushing out
software to clients.  We need to be able to push out some small client
software to about 50 PC that are spread out across our WAN.  Do you know of
any good products to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance,

Collin White

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