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I missed this whole thread since I wasn't at work today.  Damn.  I have
some thoughts on regedit and regedt32.  I'm really angered that there is
no separate regedit and regedt32 in XP anymore.  I mean, I usually used
regedit in 2000 unless I needed the regedt32 functionality.  But, I
would also use regedt32 whenever I had to connect to two registries at
the same time and do some comparing of the two.  Now in XP since there
is only one registry editor, it's a real PITA to look at two registry
locations at the same time.  I find myself terminal servicing into
servers just to use their regedits whenever I need to look at two places
at once.  I hate that.  I'm pretty damn disappointed, and I wish I could
launch more than one instance of regedit or regedt32.  I don't know why
those programs don't allow multiple instances.  I mean, it's not like
they lock the registry while they're open or anything like that.  It
doesn't make sense.  Maybe someone knows of a way...

Ray at home

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>I'm glad you posted that! :-) I was just checking that myself 
>and it is the
>same program using either name!
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>>Actually they have . . . in Windows XP, regedit and regedt32, 
>bring up the
>>same viewer window with all of the same options available.

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