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Quick question on kixtart...does it have to be installed on each client?

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My logon script is a VBS file, with a mix of some of the others.
Let me explain:
There is an identical copy of the VBS file both in the netlogon shares of
the DC's (for down-level clients) and in a GUID directory for the "logon
script" GPO.
Anyone Win2K or higher runs the script from the GPO.  There is 90% of the
But, I had to deal with the other 10%.
So, I created a .BAT file (since that is the only one that I can guarantee
will run on any system from Win95 up) executes a Kixtart script.  This
1. Checks to see if the OS is Win2K or above... if so, exit, since the
script will run from the GPO.
2. Assuming we are on a down-level client, it checks to see if the Windows
Script Host 5.6 is installed.  If not, it installs it.
3. The it checks to see if the Directory Services client is installed.  If
not, install it.
4. If either 2 or 3 were installed, reboot.
5. If neither 2 or 3 were installed, call the .VBS login script.
This batch file is assigned to everyone in ADU&C in the "Login script"
Now, no matter which machine they log onto, the same script is run.  And
once my last Win9X/NT4 machine goes away, I just remove the "Login script"
setting from the user properties, and the GPO script takes over as normal.
All of this was to take advantage of GPO Login scripts.  That and I had a
user who was creatively using CMD.exe on my terminal services to do things
that I didn't want him to, but when I restricted the permissions on CMD.exe,
the original, .BAT only login script did not work anymore.

Glenn Sullivan, MCSE+I  MCDBA
David Clark Company Inc. 



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If I may bother the list for a quick poll. What do you use for scripting
(logon, etc)...
Shell Scripting

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