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Hi Steve - 

        I have done this on many XP home and pro machines and not had a
problem.  HOWEVER, this was in an NT4 single-domain.  What it did on the
home machines was just force the user to Ctrl-Alt-Delete to log in, and on
the Pro PC's it didn't make a visible change.  They worked fine.  The only
problem I had with it was it kept dropping connections in rural areas of
America.  Poor guys could only get 2400bps even with a 56k modem!


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Hi Guys,

I need to install PC Anywhere 9.2 on a number of Windows XP Pro
PCs...however when I run the install I get the message "This version of
pcAnywhere replaces the current version of MSGINA which controls the way you
log in to Windows,  As a result, certain new Windows features might be
disabled, including: Fast User Switching, Terminal Services, and Remote

Although I don't use FUS, TS, or RD on these PC's in question, I am a little
concerned about continuing with the install.  

Any experience on this?  Would you recommend purchasing the latest version
of PCanywhere to install on these PC's, or can I get away with using this

Thanks for any advice.


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