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I haven't got much experience with wireless networks, but could you use
seperate channels? Perhaps have the office running on channel 1, and the
delegates on channel 11?
This should effectively block them from seeing each other - and it
leaves plenty of room between the channels to try and eliminate overlap.

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Apologies if this is slightly OT.


At one site, we have a wireless (802.11b) bridge connecting two
buildings, sharing an internet connection.  We have been asked to also
provide wireless internet access to delegates who attend conferences.
Obviously we can do this fairly easily (and cheaply) with something like
the Network ME102 Access Point and MA111 USB adaptors.


The problem is this - how do we ensure that delegates cannot browse to
any of the computers on the network?  There is no Win2k server at this
location, just 10 Win2k & XP PCs connected to a Workgroup.  Workgroup
security is bad, so I really want to find a path to the broadband
connection that blocks the office PCs.


The only idea I have at the moment is to split the RJ45 that goes into
the broadband connection into two - one for the office and one for the
delegates.  Would this stop each segment seeing each other?


Thanks in advance



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