[windows2000] Re: Is it possible to change just the printer properties with a shortcut?

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  • Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 17:54:37 +0100

Wouldn't it be easier to create two queues pointing to the same printer but
with different settings, and then push them out with an (vbs) loginscript? A
duplexing queue should preferrably be the default one.
I did this before, but removed all those separate single and duplex queues and
instead setup the printers to use duplexing by default. So far, the users have
not reacted, and it's on the third or fourth year this little scheme of mine.


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Subject: [windows2000] Is it possible to change just the printer properties
with a shortcut?

Does anyone know of a utility or can suggest a good way that I can create a
shortcut that changes a property on a printer and then change it back?  I was
thinking of maybe doing it in an Altiris rip file  but there has to be an
easier way.  
The idea I have and what I want to do is be able to create 2 shortcuts on a
users desktop to create a quick way to change from single sided to double
sided printing without having to click a dozen times to find it in printer
properties.   One to turn on double sided printing for the printer and a
second one that resets the printer back to single sided printing.  Anyone
tried this? I know I could probably do it with a reg file but we do not allow
our users access to running regedit. 

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