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  • Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 17:04:54 +0100

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003 15:56:55 -0000, Angus Macdonald wrote:

>If you logon locally, the profile would be called Stan. If you logon to a
>domain it'll be stan.domain. I've never been able to work out entirely why
>it'll create .001, .002 etc but I suspect that's what happens if the proper
>profile cannot be loaded for some reason. I've got many, many of these on my
>machine. I really must trim the dead wood sometime.

If a roaming profile cannot be deleted at logoff for some reason
(usually the folders application data and local settings remain)
the next time the same user logs on, windows cannot use the
previous profile-name, so it creates a new folder called
stan.domainname.001 etc. I've seen it happening over here too.
Dunno why this happens. Only thing I've seen is that if I reboot
the computer in question and remove the faulty folders it stays
that way for a while, then it starts all over again with
stan.domainname.001... I've had as many as 47 folders of that sort
on a user computer... Not sure, but *may* have something to do with
cached domain logons gone wrong or something.

If anybody knows anything about the reason why this happens, pls
let me know!

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>I have a user whose folder name in documents and settings keeps getting
>changed by windows.  If his user name is stan, his folder in c:\documents
>and settings is called "stan".  Well, over a period of time (maybe 6 months)
>you come back and his folder name is now stan.DOMAINNAME (where DOMAINNAME
>is the name of our AD domain).  Then, a few months later, it is
>stan.DOMAINNAME.000.  Does anyone know why windows does this, and if there
>is anything you can do about it?



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