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What the Welchia worm did to network traffic alone was abhorrent.  We had
less than 2 dozen infections spread across corporate, and it brought the
network to a crawl and our routers to their knees.  Getting developers to
patch their machines reliably is such a headache.  I can't wait til we can
install a patch management system, or at least get all the way to 2000.


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Not so sure I can agree with you.  

It's still a worm to me.  Although the author had good intentions, the
concept is still the same.  Anyone who touch my machine(s) w/o my knowledge
and processes something should be shot.  In fact, I should be shot if I
allow it.

Don't you think that in a corporate environment that this type of stuff
should be done in a test environment PRIOR to release to real world systems?
What would happen if this is run against a system that wasn't tested and in
fact brought down a major corporate application?  

Who's then at fault?  Good?  I think not...  Sorry..

Just my $0.02.

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