[windows2000] Re: Bad worm?

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On Tue, 9 Sep 2003 08:44:18 -0700, Jennifer Booth wrote:

>What the Welchia worm did to network traffic alone was abhorrent.  We had
>less than 2 dozen infections spread across corporate, and it brought the
>network to a crawl and our routers to their knees.  Getting developers to
>patch their machines reliably is such a headache.  I can't wait til we can
>install a patch management system, or at least get all the way to 2000.

Geez... Guess I never saw how much this worm affects a system - I
only found it on this one portable computer that one of the
lecturers kept at home. In fact he had bought it via the dept and
not informed me at all... The computer didn't have any service pack
or patches installed since about three yrs back.

Some ppl just don't get how serious security holes can be...

Anyway, the computer is now both patched and cleaned (in the
software sense as well as on the outside - it was sooo dusty!) and
responsive as ever before. The lecturer is in nirvana... 8-)

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>Not so sure I can agree with you.  
>It's still a worm to me.  Although the author had good intentions, the
>concept is still the same.  Anyone who touch my machine(s) w/o my knowledge
>and processes something should be shot.  In fact, I should be shot if I
>allow it.
>Don't you think that in a corporate environment that this type of stuff
>should be done in a test environment PRIOR to release to real world systems?
>What would happen if this is run against a system that wasn't tested and in
>fact brought down a major corporate application?  
>Who's then at fault?  Good?  I think not...  Sorry..
>Just my $0.02.



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