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                    hi lino i have a site wher eyou can hear my show for this 
week or the  current week actually its  check it out.  
also my birthday is coming up as well august 22 going to turn 56 what an old 
man. chris 
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  Hey I neet to put a bugg into your boss Billy boy's ear to make an archive 
available on his site for your show. I'll be zzz at 8 AM on me birthday.
  Lino Morales and Louie Lab
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    hi guys join me for the ramsay oldies show tomorrow from 8 am til noon on 
bill sparks the legend. simply go to then click on the 
legend then click on the link for the player you will be using, windows media 
player, winamp or real player.

    tomorrow you will hear the best music from 40 years ago as we take our time 
machine back to the year 1968 and highlight all of the best music from that 

    we'll also have a my three songs contest where you can win a prize the 
recipe lady will check in and there'll be much much more.  so join me Chris 
ramsay for the Ramsay Oldies show 8 am til noon saturday on the legend.

    Chris Ramsay 

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