[wdmaudiodev] Re: Expose multiple Audio Sources as a single virtual microphone

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Yes it’s possible, and this is what Voicemeeter application (and banana
version) already do, you can test it right now (it’s available on

For information, we are currently testing VoicemeeterRemote API that will
allow any application (programmed in any language) to take advantage of
Voicemeeter Audio Engine

- it means the audio device aggregation : for example to be able to
mix several USB mic with Skype and Spotify…

- it means the application inter connection : to connect any
application together and manage conference call with different VOIP

Since we are currently in private testing for the VoicemeeterRemote.dll,
feel free to contact me if you can’t wait (it will be released in July).


Vincent Burel








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Hello List,

my employer asked me to research the possibility of a very specific task:

Is it possible to write a driver that takes multiple audio signals (at least
2), mix the audio signals and expose the result as a single (virtual)
microphone ?

A bit of background :

We have created a web-based video-chat platform where a web site visitor can
initiate a video-chat with an advisor to discuss things.

The functionality to start a video-chat is embedded into the web site of our
customers (Telecom providers, Banks, Insurance companies,… to name a few).

The Audio/Video streaming stuff is handled by a Flash module or WebRTC when

One of our customers now wants to do the following :

The advisor gets a call from a web site visitor, they start talking.

The discussion becomes more specific and the advisor wants to consult a
colleague/supervisor by calling him over a SIP-Softphone.

The web site visitor should be able to follow the discussion, so we somehow
have to be able to route the audio from the SIP-Phone to the customer over
the wire !

The gotcha here is, the SIP-Phone typically doesn’t offer any kind of
audio-device, it receives the audio over the network and renders it directly
to an audio-output.

So the driver I’m envisioning should have the following abilities :

- Take an audio input device (typically a microphone from a
headset) and the default audio-output device (loopback) as input

- Mix the signals

- Expose the result as a virtual microphone that can be selected in
Flash and WebRTC-enabled Browsers as input,
so the customer receives the mixed signal from the advisors (and also
himself because of loopback; that’s an issue I’m aware of)

Is this possible at all ?

I’m working (mainly) as a C# developer (with some C/C++ background) but I
have ZERO experience regarding Windows driver development,

so any hint on where to start is much appreciated !

Just finished downloading the WDK and the Samples-Pack, can you recommend
some examples to have a deeper look into ?

Best regards,


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