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Hi Tom,

Below I have  drafted up a short tutorial on adding contacts to your
contacts list in Skype and I will try and explain the meaning of your

If you wish to  add a contact to your Skype list of contacts, first go into

2. Press "alt key" and then right arrow to "contacts".

3. Press the down arrow and  hit enter on search for contacts.

4. If you know the name or email address of a particular contact you are
searching for then just type it in the edit box provided and  then tab to
the "search for contact button" then press the "space bar".

Note:For example, I did a search for "Tom Langan" and up popped your name in
a list box ready for me to  make my next move at adding you to my contacts

5. When I down arrowed on the list of results to your name I then make my
next choice by going into the application data menu which is the "Third key"
from the right side of the "space bar".

6. From my list of choices in the application menu I choose:" Start Call".

Note: The reason I choose "Start Call" is because in this instance this is
the only  option I can make in order to alert the person  I am calling that
I wish to make contact with them. I am hoping that they will notice my call
which pops up on the screen saying something like: "User Paul Traynor wishes
to add you to his or her contacts list". When I Paul started the call to you
Tom, I would have had to write in a short message perhaps explaining who I
am or what my business in calling you was. If "you Tom" are then happy to
accept my  call you tab to the "OK button" and press "enter key or Space
bar". Once you have accepted my call "both you Tom and I Paul" are now added
to each others Skype contacts list. Its at this point I wish to bring in the
reason of why you would  find the question you asked relevant  Tom.

Question:   this user has not shared their details with you- What does this
mean? and how does one share one's details with a new user.

7. If for some reason you are not present at your computer when the "user
Paul" contacts you naturally  Pauls request to make contact with you goes
unheard by Tom and no action is taken so what Skype does is "places the name
Tom in Pauls list of Contacts but with the additional information "this user
has not shared their details with you"

Also the following factors can also cause this message you receive;
*. Tom does not wish to engage in any contact with Paul.
*. Tom is off-line at the time Paul tries to make contact and Tom will be
notified next time he turns on his computer that the user Paul wishes to
make contact.

*. Unless Tom responds to Pauls request positively Paul will continue to see
the message displayed that the user has not shared his details with you.

Was this tutorial  useful, please let me know!



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