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Hi Imelda,

No the list is here its just that I had so much on in recent months that I
couldn't dedicate more time to it. I am glad too that there is life out
there and I would like more people like yourself Imelda to come back onto
the list and give ideas and suggestions to us for improvments. Good to hear
from you Imelda, I will do more on radio if there is an interest in it and I
will ask my friend and work colleague Stu the man Lawler  if he could give
us some  help with this topic.


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Hello Paul
That is brilliant i am so interested in radio stations.
I thought the list was gone.

Thanks again Imelda.

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> Hi All,
> Its been a long time since I  put anything out on the list here so I have
> decided to try and change that starting from today. I will Endeavour to
> produce and send more articles to the list for you to try out and also to
> help you with any problems you may be having either with following through
> on one of the articles posted here on the list or with something which you
> are involved with. Today I wanted to start off by mentioning a reasonably
> new web site where you can access radio stream from if you are interested.

> I
> felt it was a good place to start if you have an interest in taking up the
> hobby of listening to radio on the web. First I will say to you that  it 
> is
> not just so easy to get into downloading and listening to radio streams
> which is why I have chosen the "Newstalk" web site which I I came across
> recently with the kind help of Nora Doyle.  So lets get started.
> The first piece of information you require is the web address of the radio
> site itself: www.newstalk.ie
> 2. Open up internet explorer in whatever way you normally do and then 
> press
> keys: left alt + D, to jump you into the address box.
> 3. Type in the address above and press the enter key.
> 4. Depending on how you connect to the internet it may be slower for some
> people if they use "dial-up connection" as opposed to "broadband". Just 
> give
> it time and also take into account the times of day you are connecting. 
> This
> holds true for all web site surfing.
> 5. Finally our web site "www.newstalk.ie" should have loaded up and we are
> ready to  go to the "Listen to Newstalk link". There are two ways you can 
> do
> this:
> *. Use keys "insert + F7" to bring up a list of links and then arrow to 
> the
> desired link I have mentioned above.
> *. Just press the "tab key" till you find yourself on the link and press 
> the
> enter key.
> Now our next part is to actually  locate the desired medium which the
> "Newstalk radio stream" will be brought up in.
> 1. After going into the "listen to Newstalk link" and you have waited a 
> few
> moments for the page to load up it is time to either arrow down through 
> the
> page or bring up the links list with the keys mentioned previously.
> 2. The exact link we are looking for is:
> "window's media player logo Click here for windows media stream"
> You should eventually come to the link mentioned in the line above.
> 3. When you feel you have arrived on this link just press the "enter key"
> and after about 10 to 20 seconds the radio stream should come up talking.
> If there are any questions on this please get in touch but give it a try 
> and
> see how you get on with it. Don't  expect to  get  it first time always,
> just keep practicing.
> Paul.

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