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Hi Paul,
Thank you for the topic, listening to radio on the net. This is some thing I like to do, also could you look at skype. I use skype quite a bit, one thing I find it hard to get my head around is, -this user has not shared their details with you- What does this mean? and how does one share one's details with a new user.
regards Tom.
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Hi All,

Its been a long time since I  put anything out on the list here so I have
decided to try and change that starting from today. I will Endeavour to
produce and send more articles to the list for you to try out and also to
help you with any problems you may be having either with following through
on one of the articles posted here on the list or with something which you
are involved with. Today I wanted to start off by mentioning a reasonably
new web site where you can access radio stream from if you are interested. I
felt it was a good place to start if you have an interest in taking up the
hobby of listening to radio on the web. First I will say to you that it is
not just so easy to get into downloading and listening to radio streams
which is why I have chosen the "Newstalk" web site which I I came across
recently with the kind help of Nora Doyle.  So lets get started.

The first piece of information you require is the web address of the radio
site itself: www.newstalk.ie

2. Open up internet explorer in whatever way you normally do and then press
keys: left alt + D, to jump you into the address box.

3. Type in the address above and press the enter key.

4. Depending on how you connect to the internet it may be slower for some
people if they use "dial-up connection" as opposed to "broadband". Just give it time and also take into account the times of day you are connecting. This
holds true for all web site surfing.

5. Finally our web site "www.newstalk.ie" should have loaded up and we are
ready to go to the "Listen to Newstalk link". There are two ways you can do
*. Use keys "insert + F7" to bring up a list of links and then arrow to the
desired link I have mentioned above.
*. Just press the "tab key" till you find yourself on the link and press the
enter key.

Now our next part is to actually  locate the desired medium which the
"Newstalk radio stream" will be brought up in.

1. After going into the "listen to Newstalk link" and you have waited a few moments for the page to load up it is time to either arrow down through the
page or bring up the links list with the keys mentioned previously.

2. The exact link we are looking for is:
"window's media player logo Click here for windows media stream"

You should eventually come to the link mentioned in the line above.

3. When you feel you have arrived on this link just press the "enter key"
and after about 10 to 20 seconds the radio stream should come up talking.

If there are any questions on this please get in touch but give it a try and
see how you get on with it. Don't  expect to  get  it first time always,
just keep practicing.


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