[vip_students] Re: Jaws dongle!

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  • Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 21:22:08 +0100

If I am downloading a portable version of Jaws then what and why do I need
the Dongle?  In other words 2 usb ports are taken up with this but that is
OK.  I am just looking for confirmation of that.  Wonder that Dolphin do not
do the same for Supernova.  I know they do a pen drive but it is quite
expensive and I am not sure if it has a new liscence also.  They say that if
you loose it and you have not insured it then you must pay all over again!

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> Hi Eleanor,
> In order to use the jaws dongle, you have to have a full license of jaws
> which I think you have already. When you go to purchase the jaws dongle
> submit your authorization code to whomever it is that you re purchasing it
> from. You can then download a portable version of the jaws 9 software and
> put it onto a pen drive and along with the dongle which also looks like a
> small pen drive you can have jaws on any computer you are working on for
> duration of your work. However you will also need to take down a piece of
> software called "FSVideoIntercept.exe" this is very important and gets
> installed first as it links the jaws portable software with the video card
> of the computer you are working on. You would have to have either sighted
> help to install this or use the built in speech on windows XP called
> "narrator" which is very basic but should be enough to  help you install
> this file. It takes about 2 minutes or so to install it and if you are
> working on a computer in a network like in a university etc then you need
> full admin rights to that computer given by an administrator.
> After installing the video intercept software, you need to reboot the
> computer and now with your pen drive plugged in along with the dongle also
> plugged into an extra USB port you can summon up the jaws portable version
> like as follows:
> 1. Go to the start menu and arrow down to run. Press enter key and type in
> the following.
> X:\jaws9
> Then press enter.
> Note:X: is the drive letter that the jaws 9 portable version is installed
> onto so it would most likely be on your computer, "e:\jaws9"
> Here in Ireland if you already have a version of jaws like jaws 7 upwards
> then you can purchase I think the dongle jaws for about 70 euros.
> Paul.
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