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Hi Ulla!
Select the contents of the document with ctrl-A and then copy to
clipboard with ctrl-c. Open a new document and press alt-e for the edit
menu and cursor down until you get to Paste Special.
In there use cursor up and down to select the option Unformatted Text
and press enter. The text you copied to the clipboard should now be
pasted into the new document without any of its previous attributes.
Robbie Sandberg
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Hi Everyone

I have just been sent a document which I need to amend.  Unfortunately,
it was first sent to me in PDF format which obviously I couldn't do
anything with.  A colleague then scanned it with a PDF writer into Word
format but it has come to me now with all sorts of strange boxes in it.
Could I ask if anyone knows a way to remove boxes etc without removing

My other question is, is there a way to copy the contents of the
document into a fresh document without the formatting of the original,
ie without these boxes etc?  

I am thinking it might be simpler just to re-type the thing.

Any help would be appreciated.


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