(VICT) Teaching a play retrieve

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  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 22:09:30 -0400

I don't want this for a task, but just to make sure my girl get's exercise.

How do you teach a fun retrieve with the clicker, will explain what she is 
doing in my living room, with minimal distractions.

Guinevere, will be standing in front of me, and i will have the holey 

I will give her a look at it, wave the toy in front of her, then toss it. 
She runs over, picks it up, and I call come, and she brings it back to huge 
praise!  This works if the distractions aren't there.

Can I click and treat for the bringing back of the toy or is this to 
advanced.  Should I go back to the basics with just hold.

And how do you teach it, on carpet, with no visual assistance, smile.

I don't mind doing some luring or physical manipulation, as long as it gets 
the job done, and she understands.  Guinevere is a very clicker wise dog, so 
if I can use this tool, I think she may enjoy fetch as a fun activity to 
keep her mind active and away from nibbling on herself, which she does when 
she is bored, smile.  She is a good bone dog, particularly if another dog 
has had his or her spit on it, smile.

It may just be I am expecting too much, but I know my last pup had a good 
reliable fetch, after about two months, so want to start working with her on 

She is a sharp little blighter.


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