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I have tried  occassionally to teach her to do that.  But, usually, 
I am in a  hurry, or there are so many folks waiting at the elevator, that we 
don't  get consistant practice.  I think I have actually done more luring  
than anything else to help her find the button.  Will try your  suggestion, 
especially around the house.

Try a medical building after 5pm.. mine is always dead and you can  play with 
the elevators all you want! That's where Alex learned to find  elevators and 
electric doors.. Start with a bigger piece of paper and holding it  in your 
hand.. then work to holding it against a wall or doorknob..and then tear  some 
pieces off as you go until it is post-it size.. then start using the post  its 
on the buttons outside in the yard, then out on the street..and then get  them 
smaller until you can fade them out..people may laugh when you first use  the 
post-its in public.. I just explain and they are amazed..
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