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After doing my backyard and covering the common area and edge of woods behind 
my townhouse and the adjoining two rows of townhouses for the GBBC , I  took my 
cat for her usual 4:30 to early 5 :00 P.M. ish  leashed walk and flushed the 
Golden Crowned Kinglet pair that has been living in the bushes and trees  and 
vines in the evenings  since late October so I was able to add them to my count 
data as I had not recorded it yet. The only time I ever see the Kinglet pair is 
when I take my cat for her evening leashed walk and we walk by the 10 foot long 
area of small trees and a downed tree covered with vines . My townhouse backs 
up to a thickly wooded creek corridor 3/4 of a mile wide and about 3 miles long 
. I recorded  my data when we came in from the walk. After I entered my data 
and looked at the Richmond data , I noticed that none of the famous visiting 
the James River in Richmond  for the winter from the far north lands Bufflehead 
had not been recorded.
So I made a quick birding from the car trip to Pony Pasture  At the police and 
night fisherman parking spot just above Pony Pasture , I parked and stepped out 
of my car and scanned the muddy, slightly high , brown waters of the river at 
5:30 to 5:45 P.M .   There were 4 Bufflehead in the middle of the river and a 
group of 15 in an  area of calm water on the North bank of the River.


Tyler Turpin

Totals for Pony Pasture  were 

19 Bufflehead
8  Mallards
4 Double Crested Cormorants
1 Ring Billed Gull 
1 Eastern Blue Bird
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