[va-richmond-general] Yellowthroats post and another first spring bird

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Wendy, thank you for a great explanation...will be listening for the early 
Yankee influx next spring.
Heard my first yellow-billed cuckoo this morning in eastern Hanover (between 
360 and 301, west of Rural Point).  One or two usually stay all summer here.  
And the whippoorwill was back very early (1 AM) this morning.
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Some people have asked about my use of the term "Yankee and southern Common 
Yellowthroats" so, here is my explanation.  
Yankee Common Yellowthroats say "which-whichity-whichity-whichity" with the 
stress on the first syllables.  Their southern counterparts say 
"whichity-whichity-whichity" with the stress on the second syllables.
I really learned the difference when I was in Maine last year, at first I 
didn't recognize the song!  
What I have found this year is that all the yellowthroats that came in early in 
migration had the "Yankee" song.  They seem to have left now and been replaced 
by the ones I'm used to.
Wendy Ealding
Powhatan County

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