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OK, I'll take a crack at it. It looks like a first year Red-shouldered Hawk. 
The evenly spaced brown streaks on the breast, bill color, eye color , dark 
back and size are right, and the habitat is right too. Any other possibilities?

Al Warfield
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Can anyone help with this identification?

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  Date: March 5, 2007 8:38:01 AM EST
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  I am not sure you are the person to send this to but I got your email off the 
web site.� I got several photos of this�hawk yesterday in my Chester 
yard.� I tried to identify it using the Internet but can't seem to 
distinguish it.� He/she was fairly large and simply beautiful.� He/she has 
been hanging around a while.� I have a backyard habitat so I am guessing the 
activity attracted it.� I have seen smaller hawks in this area before but 
have recently purchased a better camera to get photos of the birds.� 
  Anyhow, I am curious so if you know of someone, or if you can, help identify 
that would be great.
  Vicky Carwile


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