<USS Banshee> Feeling Better

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"Feeling Better"
Lt. Sara Crusher

The skies were clear and there was a warm breeze blowing though the window. 
Sara sat in the glide rocker wrapped in a blanket and had her hands wrapped 
around a mug of tea. The fever she had broke late the night before after 
almost a full forty-eight hours. There was still a bit of a rattle in her 
chest that caused a bit of wheezing but what ever Kathryn was putting in the 
tea helped a lot. 

The barn seemed different then it had that first day she had stared out the 
window at it. It was no longer this looming monster that taunted her with it’
s secrets. Now it was just a barn. She had uncovered it’s secrets and was now 
faced with the task of dealing with them. But was she ready for that? Was she 
ready to face the guilt she had been living with for nearly ten years, now 
that it had a face and name? Could she really face Rhi? She was already 
having a hard time even looking Kathryn in the eyes. 

Sara’s thoughts were put aside when she heard a soft knock on her door. She 
turned and smiled when Shamus popped his head in. 

"How ya feeling?" 

"Better." Sara said in a slightly horse voice. 

Shamus walked over to her as she stood and hugged her before handing her a 
wax bag. Sara smiled when she looked in it and then quickly retrieved two of 
the chocolate covered pretzel rods and then handed one to her friend. 

"You sacred Ms. Morrigan for a while there. Hell, you scared all of us. This 
fever has been going around all season but we haven’t seen it hit so hard and 
so fast before."

Sara swallowed the small bit of pretzel as she nodded. "I’ve been trying to 
explain this to Kathryn all morning, but the reason it hit me the way it did 
was my body is use to the purified air that is generated on my ship." Sara 
sat the bag of pretzels on the window seal and picked up her mug. "I’ve 
already offered to help Doctor McGrail. I’m sure I can get a few volunteers 
from my staff to help him for a few days. I’ve already sent my medical scans 
to my nurse and I’m hoping that our data base will be able to locate 
something a little strong then what Doctor McGrail’s been using." 

Shamus just kind of stared at his Sara as she went on then shook his head. 
"Should you be doing so much just a few hours out of bed?"

Sara laughed. "It doesn’t take a lot to upload a medical scan and make a few 
calls, Shamus." 

"Just do us all a favor and take it easy. I for one don’t wrath the wrath of 
Rhi on my head for letting you get sick and from what you’ve told me, I don’
t want that girl of yours pissed off at me either." 

Sara couldn’t help but laugh at Shamus as he held up his hands and shook his 
head at the thought of having to deal with Rhi and Cy. The laugh quickly 
turned into a cough that was soothed by a quick sip of her tea. 

"See what I mean. Your still not over it. Maybe you should rest or 
something." Shamus said as he leaned against the wall. 

Sara shook her head. "I’m ok, Shamus, and besides I really can’t standing 
being in bed any more. I’m not going to over do it, I promise." 

Shamus nodded his head. "You know that girl of yours is really hot." 

Another loud cough could be heard coming from Sara’s small frame. Only this 
time the cough wasn’t caused by the infection but by Sara choking on her tea. 
"You saw Cyanah?" 

"She called and I happened to be here while Ms. Morrigan talked to her. She 
looked really worried about you, but I guess Rhi is getting stronger 

Sara rubbed the back of her neck and blew a strand of hair out of her face. 
"I wish Ms. Morrigan wouldn’t have told her I was sick. She has enough on her 
mind with Rhi." 

"They’re be here in a few days but I think you should call her and let her 
know your alright. Ms. Morrigan called her when your fever broke but I bet she
’s waiting to hear form you." 

"I will." Sara said with a smile. 

"Good. Well I’d better get going. I was only given ten minutes and I don’t 
want Ms. Morrigan dragging me out by my ear." 

Sara stood and hugged her friend and thanked him for the treats and then 
settled back down in her rocker. She yawned a little and before she knew it 
she was feeling sleepy. She looked at the mug which sat on the window seal 
and just as she dozed off she wondered what Kathryn had put in that tea. 

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