<USS Banshee> In Rolls the Fog

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"In rolls the fog"
By. Lt. Sara Crusher

The thunderstorms of the night before had given away to a warm morning sun 
and a cold blanket of fog. The images and memories, which had washed over her 
like a wave of rushing water from a broken damn, seemed all to much like a 
bad dream to Sara as she came out of a very uneasy sleep. Her head throbbed 
and she quickly sent the heels of her hands to her forehead in an attempt to 
make the pounding stop. Very slowly Sara started to sit up since she felt a 
little light headed. For a moment as she threw her bare legs over the side of 
the bed Sara felt as if she were going to vomit. So she sat there until her 
head stopped swimming and her stomach stopped turning. 

The night before was still a bit of a fog. After falling in the mud someone 
had wrapped their arms around her as she cried and for a moment she had 
thought it was Cyanah. But when she realized the soft comforting words which 
were being whispered in her ear had an Irish accent she knew it was Kathryn. 
Kathryn had helped her up and walked her back to the house. After that all 
Sara remembered was taking a hot shower and downing a glass of Bailey's which 
Kathryn said would warm her up. 

Sara grabbed her robe and slowly headed down stairs. She felt awful both 
physically and emotionally and she began to wondered if it were possible to 
get a hang over off one drink. Luckily for her Kathryn had made a pot of tea 
for her and had set it, some scones and a note on the kitchen table. 

"Went to town get things for the homecoming. I’ll be back soon. In the mean 
time rest and drink the tea like a good lass. Nana." 

Sara smiled a little as she poured herself some of the tea and then she 
headed for the small garden patio. The cool morning air felt nice as she sat 
there with her mug of tea since she felt as if her whole body were on fire. 
Guilt. That’s what it was, she told herself. Guilt over what had happened 
that night, guilt for being the reason Rhi had been hurt, guilt for being a 
selfish. spoiled brat who could have caused more damage then she had. It’s a 
wonder that Rhi and Kathryn wanted to have anything to do with her at all. 
She wouldn’t have blamed Rhi at all if she had refused to allow Sara on her 

A cold chill raced down Sara’s spin and she shivered. Picking up her tea she 
decided to go back inside since for some reason she now seemed to be 
freezing. She looked around the house and caught sight of the small vid 
screen on the desk. She walked over to it and turned it on. She tried calling 
Cyanah at the temporary quarters she had been given in the medical complex 
but she wasn’t there so she tried Rhi’s room. A nurse picked up when the 
call was forwarded to the front desk. 

"Good Morning, Doctor Crusher. Calling for an update on your captain? Well you
’ll be pleased to hear she is doing very well. She has come a long way in a 
short time." The nurse smiled at Sara and Sara tried to smile back as she 
went on about Rhi’s recovery. "And you know what, I think having her friend 
here with her has been a big help." 

Sara suddenly became a little more alert. "Speaking of her friend, is Lt. 
Kaelyre around? I need to speak to her." 

The nurse shook her head. "No I’m afraid not." Then she smiled again which 
was starting to bug Sara. "She and Captain Morrigan have been spending lots 
of time in the gardens. I do believe that’s where they were heading this 
morning in fact. Very close those two, such a cute couple." She added with a 

Sara choked on her tea. 

"Are you alright, Doctor?" The nurse asked. Sara just nodded. "Would you like 
me to give Lt. Kaelyre a message?" 

"No message and please keep me updated. Dr. Prince has the information as to 
where I can be contacted." The nurse nodded and Sara cut the comm. She set 
the tea on the desk and rubbed her eyes. "She doesn’t know what she’s 
talking about," Sara told herself as she stood up and headed for the shower, 
"and your just seeing meanings that aren’t there. Grow up." 

Sara had been on fire again, which made her take a cold shower, which didn’t 
seem to have helped since she sat on the couch sweating. Hot, cold, hot, 
cold. It hadn’t dawned on Sara that something was wrong until she realized 
she was burning up yet wrapped in a blanket, but even then she didn’t seem to 

"Beanie!? Are you alright?" 

"Fine." She said softly. 

"Ma, she’s burring up." Sara heard Brennan say. 

Sara felt a soft cool hand on her forehead before she heard Kathryn telling 
Brennan to take her back to her room while she called the doctor. "I’m fine." 
She repeated as Brennan picked her up. "I’m just a little cold." She was 
sweating from the fever but she shivered just the same.   

Someone had come into her room and Sara could hear the soft familiar beeping 
of a medical scanner. Then a few minutes later she hear a man’s voice. "She’
s managed to pick up a bacterial infection which seems to be focused in her 
lungs. I gave her something for the fever and the infection and something to 
help her sleep." The voice was starting to fade away. "All you can do now is 
keep her in bed, make sure she gets lots of rest and I’ll leave the 
medication with you. She may get worse before she gets better. If she does, 
call me right away." It was gone. Sara was out cold. 

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