<USS Banshee> Eyes - Divergence Part 2

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  • Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 16:09:14 EDT

    Crossing into the dinning area, he looked over the dishes that were 
strewn across the floor.  More smiles as he recalled using his arm to sweep 
everything off the table as he placed her upon it and kissed her madly.  All 
at once the feeling returned, that sense of him being a pack of jackals, and 
Morrigan's body being a fat antelope that had wandered astray from the herd.  
He realized then that even he had surprised himself a bit.  He could think of 
nothing else, but to think of her.  He could do nothing else, but touch her.  
He could feel nothing else, but love for her.  Of course, yes, there was a 
healthy amount of lust mixed in, but that was what was required.  Spending a 
few days in a suite like this, with the women he loved required more then 
reciting poetry and the procurement of flowers.  They both knew that, they 
both wanted more, and they both got so much more.  As he picked up the dishes 
and walked over to the replicator he played the night before over and over in 
his head. As he placed the plates into the replicator, he could only wonder 
what she was going to think of last night.  As the various dishes swirled 
away into anti-matter, he wondered if she was going to feel the same way.  
She had too, he decided, else she would have not gone threw with it. Right?
    Now was not a time for self doubt.  She loved him, even if she was not 
ready to say it out loud, and he loved her, and last night was nothing short 
of life altering.  Why did this always seem to happen?  He could be named 
Emperor of the Universe and still the next day find a way to allow self doubt 
to creep in and lay heavily upon him.  It almost sickened him, but what could 
he do other then reassure himself, and wait for her to wake up.  Upon her 
waking, that would show if it was all he imagined. Would she feel the same as 
he?  Of course she would.  
    "Computer, 2 Raqtajino Mocha flavored.  2 plates, each with 3 scrambled 
eggs, hash browns… pancakes…. Toast, buttered." He stated, and waited a 
moment as everything appeared within the replicator.  He took it out and 
placed it on a tray, then turned to deliver it.  Thinking for a moment, he 
    "Computer, on red rose, in a crystal vase." He added to the order.  In a 
second it was there.  Perfect.  Just what was needed, he was sure.  Breakfast 
in bed after the most incredible night of her life, this was going to 
definitely impress her.  "Most incredible night of her life?" That was fairly 
presumptuous, but none the less, it quite possibly was.  As he walked into 
the bedroom, she stirred a bit more.  As if on cue, her eyes fluttered open 
and met his as a grin crept over her face.  

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