<USS Banshee> Eyes - Divergance Part 1

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  • Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 16:08:35 EDT

Shimmering into existence, the very plush quarters he had fallen asleep in 

    J'van sat up in bed, gasping as the weapon exploded into his mind's eye.  
Sweat trickled down his forehead, dripping down to his naked chest and 
falling into the sheets that were pooled in his lap.  He slowly looked around 
the room again, his hands coming up to wipe the sweat from his brow.  He was 
relieved as it was all a dream, but a very accurate dream.  Most of it had 
happened.  That bitch killed Rhi.  That was new, as was his death at her 
hands.  Obviously, this mission into Cardassia was not going to go well.  
Something in him was telling him that there was a certain amount of doom 
ahead.  But, he had to face it.  Orders are orders after all.  
    He slowly turned to a position where he was sitting, his feet planted on 
the floor.  He could almost feel the warm dry stone under his feet from that 
Cardassian prison.  He actually looked down to see that it was indeed 
carpeting his feet were on.  Such a vivid dream, too bad it had to be so 
gruesome as well.  But, again, it was just that, a dream, and he needed to 
forget it.  His eye caught a bit of movement as he turned to look to see what 
it was. He looked over the nude back of his captain as she slept on her 
stomach.  Her hair was somewhat matted from the sweat that they had produced 
just a few hours before.  He was in awe as he looked over her, so quiet and 
peaceful, yet not long ago she was so fiery and passionate.  She surprised 
him at how bold she was.  She probably surprised herself in the same 
    He realized that this was her first full-fledged sexual experience, and 
he frankly expected her to be sedate, timid even.  He has seen over the weeks 
leading up to this that she was a lot less the crazed angry tyrant that she 
was seen as, and so much more gentle, graceful, and naive.  As his eyes 
traced the contour of her perfect skin, he thought more and more of the 
evening before.  She showed a bit of hesitation at first, but once she was 
shown what worked and what did not, she seemed like she had been sexually 
active for years.  She genuinely knew what she was doing, and showed him just 
how well she knew it.  She must be a lucky one, one of those people that sex 
comes to as a second nature and not an embarrassment or a trivial exercise of 
ego.  Yes, she was lucky, but not nearly as lucky as J'van felt.  
    As she let out an odd moan, she shifted her weight a bit and partially 
rolled onto her side.  The sheets fell away from her body, revealing her to 
be completely nude under them, as she had been, when they feel together into 
a tangled web of flesh, hair and sweat.  After a quick look over that he just 
could not avoid, even if he wanted to.  His eyes were not going to give him 
the opportunity to miss something so exquisite.  He stood and moved to the 
other side of the bed where the sheets had fallen down.  He picked them up 
and tossed them over her, allowing them gently settle over her.  A small 
smile pulled at her lips.  Either she was awake and not revealing it, or she 
felt what he was doing even in her dreams.  Either way, it did not matter, 
she was happy on some level, and that was all he truly cared about.  As his 
own smile broadened, he picked up the satin robe that he had tossed aside the 
night before in the chaos of their rapture.  Slowly he pulled it over his 
shoulders, not caring that he did not close the front of it too well.  He 
carefully walked into the living area of the huge suite that Morrigan had 
secured for them.  Usually this suite was dedicated to dignitaries and 
ambassadors.  But, this time was special, and she wanted something special to 
mark it.  The living area was not only large, but it was richly decorated.  
As he passed threw, he looked over all the articles of appointment that he 
had missed the evening before.  Last night, the walk from the hot tub to the 
bed was a haze of warm, moist skin.  Obviously, he was not going to remember 
anything other then her.  He shook his head slightly as he realized that not 
only could he remember nothing else of that night, but he knew that for the 
rest of his days, there was a fairly good chance that no other memory would 
be able to topple that night.  It was the pinnacle, and just impossible to top
… or could it?  

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