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A Lover's Request
By Lt. Sara Crusher

Sara lied in bed wide awake even though her body was screaming for sleep. The 
emotional roller coaster of the day’s events and the hours spent in the cargo 
bay and then in her quarters with Cyanah had drained her of all her strength. 
Yet there she was unable to allow sleep to over come her. She was afraid that 
if she closed her eyes and slept that Cyanah wouldn’t be there when she 
awoke. So she lied there, motionless and quit and watched her lover, her 
Imzadi, sleep. But even Cyanah’s wasn’t a peaceful sleep. Sara could fell 
her fears as well. How would they get though the next few days, working 
together to get the virus information together, knowing what was to happen 
when they meet up with the escort ship. How would she get though the hours of 
being on the Banshee alone, knowing that Cyanah was in danger on that ship. 
She could feel the tears starting to sting her eyes again and she didn’t want 
to wake Cy, she needed her sleep for all the training she would be going 
though. So Sara very gently got out of bed and after grabbing her night gown, 
headed for the living room. 

The cabin seemed cold to Sara as she walked out into the dark room. She even 
shivered a bit as her silk night gown slid over her body. She smiled as she 
watched Gypsy and Tramp sleeping on the coach and at the Captain asking her 
about them. "I shouldn’t have been so cold towards her.. She’s risking her 
own life as well. She‘s half Bajoran for gods sake, I wonder if she‘d 
conceder allowing me to hide her slight nose ridges" She said softly as she 
moved closer to the window. The entire ship seemed to be in a somber mood and 
as Sara gazed out the window she noticed so did space it’s self. She stood 
there for a long time and watched the stars scream past the window with tears 
falling not stop. It wasn’t fair, she had just found Cy and now she might 
lose her. The Captain told her she was proud of her and now she might never 
have the chance to live up to that. Suddenly she felt the need to do 
something she hadn‘t done in awhile. Prey.  

She lit her scared candle and placed her athame next to it. She sprinkled a 
dried form of sage on the candle and then began to speak as she watched the 
reflection of the candle dance against the glass of the window. 

"Ancient Goddess and Gods of Betazed I come to you tonight to ask of you a 
favor. I do not ask of this for me. I come to you for her. For them. I humbly 
ask you to watch over my Imzadi, my Captain, and if he goes along even 
Dnalls. Please protect them from the evil they are about to encounter. Dnalls 
is strong and he will do his best to watch their backs, and Captain Morrigan 
is a force to be reckoned with. But they are mere mortals and need you to 
look after them. As for my Imzadi, my Cyanah, she is strong in may ways, in 
ways she isn’t even aware of yet, but I fear that the strength of the evil 
will over come her. You’ve seen fit to place her in my life in this most 
scared of ways, please now show us mercy and do not take her from me. You 
know what this evil is capable of, you know that they would not simply kill 
them. So please I beg of you, protect them all. Help the crew to be strong so 
we can do our jobs and with your help being them all home safely, to the 
people who love them."

Sara closed her eyes and once again stood motionless and quit for a while 
before picking up the athame and using it to cut her finger. Allowing the 
single drop of blood as well as a tear to put out the candle. She then 
replaced them on her self and then mended her finger. 

She then quietly went back into the bedroom and gently got back into bed.

"Love?" came a soft voice. 

"Shh.. I didn’t mean to wake you go back to sleep." Sara said in whisper as 
she snuggled as close to Cyanah as she could get.

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