<USS Banshee> "Casual Conversation"

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“Casual Conversation”
by Lt. Commander Joshua Asper
& Ensign Oridian Starfire

It had been a long night. Captain Andros had left the bridge to meet with Captain Davis of the USS Potemkin. Commander Kaelyre had left as well. Given the nature of the late, late hour the only two people left on the bridge were Lt. Commander Joshua Asper and Ensign Oridian Starfire. It was nice to sit in the center seat for a change, but the nature of the mission was a bit hostile and he sat weary. "What a way to spend the night, eh Ensign?"

Oridian's eyes scanned over his console as the hourly reports were coming in. The fact that people did not age at all on the planet below them nor did time really seem to change at all made this place a tad too odd for him. Leaning back for a moment Oridian closed his eyes, trying to refocus. "I would tend to agree, though this planet has truly got me baffled. How did you get stuck with duty at this time of night?"

"The child. Cameron has to be with either myself or Telsia. One of his parents must watch over him," Josh took a PADD and tapped a couple of things and then tossed it into the chair next to him. "Some times working a night shift is a nice change from the hustle and bustle of working a day shift. What about you?"

Oridian turned around in his chair for a moment as he chuckled. "I'm the helm and operations officer, I live on the bridge sometimes. It’s nice up here sometimes though. I'm currently trying to chart all of this space which keeps me pretty busy during nights like these." Oridian got up from his seat and crossed to the science console. Tapping a few buttons, he called over his shoulder, "So, your child hmmm? I didn’t know this about you, sir. You have a family onboard?"

"Engaged to Lieutenant JG Telsia Ehling in medical. I was recently reunited with Cameron whom Telsia and I had at the academy," Josh watched the man move and then looked back at the blue-green marble of a planet. "It was a push to have them keep Cameron on board. It was just suppose to be a trial until Telsia go reassigned, but she was allowed to stay."

Reading the reports on the screen Oridian tapped a few buttons before moving back to his station. Sounds like the Second Officer had quite a history behind himself, quite an interesting history indeed. "Well, sounds like you did not exactly have the conventional academy training then. How long have you been on the Banshee?"

"Since her launch over two and half years ago." Josh stood and walked over to the conference room, replicated himself some coffee, and then marched back out onto the bridge. "I was a Lieutenant then without all the added responsibility that I have now. I was just a young man, but two and a half years has changed me. As for conventional training: I did for the most part."

"Ahh, and how did you get involved in the shogun squadron? I've been quite interested in that as of late." Tapping a few buttons Oridian read his console once more, "Scans show nothing abnormal, sir."

He nodded absently at the standard report. "I'd taken courses and been involved in Nova Squadron at the academy - was lead pilot my senior year. I'd drifted away from flying for a long time until the Shogun Fighter Project was created. When I was posted to Banshee I knew that I wanted to fly again. Lieutenant JG Hiddukel was the first leader, but he was reassigned elsewhere shortly after our departure. We're holding more Shogun Fighter qualification runs next week if you're interested in flying."

"Well, I did some flying in the academy and I'd like to get back out there though I'm not sure how well that would work out since I need to fly the big ship. How does it work for you since you need to be at your station during fights but also out with the shoguns?" The information Oridian was reading over was all normal, almost too normal.

"Depends on the situation. Lieutenant Thomas Lark is the second in command of the Shogun Fighters as well as assistant tactical officer. For the most part, I'll fly the Shoguns if the Captain orders their deployment, but if I'm needed here then Lark takes them out." Josh tossed another PADD to the chair and rolled his eyes, "that's the problem with having a dual position."

"I'd imagine, though triple position for you with Second Officer on top of all that. Surprised you get any sleep. Also whenever the shoguns need maintenance let me know. The last operations officer did not keep consistent enough records for me follow." Sighing, Oridian looked over a PADD that he seemed to have pulled from his belt pocket, seeming to scan it quickly.

Josh smiled, "Good, because with all that Engineering has on their plate it would be an added relief for them. Plus, we could use another capable pilot in our midst. Sometimes it seems like all the talent is going to the bigger cruisers. For the most part, however, the pilots are training on the Mustang fighters instead of the Shoguns nowadays."

Oridian nodded, "Mustangs are easier to maneuver for most folks that’s why they like them for training even though the Shoguns are faster." Scanning over the PADD Oridian sighed again. "Sir, I need to go take a look in shuttlebay three real quick. One of the runabouts seems to be having some cable problems."

"Of course."

With a nod, Oridian stood and made his way toward the turbolift. "It was a pleasure talking with you, sir, and hopefully I’ll see around the shogun flights next week."

"Pleasure was mine, Ensign. And," Josh added, "I look forward to seeing how well you handle a Shogun."

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