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"3 AM"
By Ensign Sara Crusher and Ensign Anthony D'Vorak

Sara stood up from behind her desk and stretched out her tired and sore 
muscles. "How long have I been sitting here?" She asked herself as she worked 
out the kink in her neck. She glanced at the chronometer on her desk, "Almost 
3 am.. wow..." She looked around at all the work she had scattered around 
her. She was nearly done with all of it, only a few
more files to up date and she will have put that nasty little assignment 
behind her. Sara reached down and turned off her computer and then headed out 
of the AMO office and into to sick bay to check on Dnalls. She ran her 
tri-corder over him and then once she was sure he was ok she headed out of 
sick bay. 

Anthony had been rolling around his bed since 1am.  The events of the last 
few days had been very draining.  All he wanted to do was sleep but there was 
so much on his mind about the caravan, the pirates, and of course Sara. The 
mysterious virus scared him most of all.  It had almost taken his best friend 
away.  A virus of that magnitude could have devastated the entire Federation. 
 Had he and Terje not figured it out.  His eyes
finally began to close. 

Sara walked down the hall on her way to her quarters. She was tired and worn 
out but she was still on a rush from her evening in sick bay and knew full 
well it would be hours before she would be able to sleep. She hated the idea 
of going back to her room and trying to whined down, but where could she go. 
Josh would be asleep from his 12 hour
shift, Cyanah would kill her if she showed up at 3 am, and the holodecks, 
even though the time did not matter, she didn't want to be alone. A feeling 
she had been having a lot lately. "Why not go with your first thought." She 
thought to herself. But would he be ok with it. She hadn't dropped in on him 
at 3 am since the academy. And then as if her subconscious had taken over, 
Sara stopped and looked at the door she found herself in front of. She 
smiled. "Oh what the hell." She said as she reached out and pressed the door 

Anthony had just fallen asleep when he heard the chime.  His eyes popped 
open.  He was still half asleep.  He reached blindly for the little light 
above his bed.  He switched it on and sat there staring at the door.  He 
called to the computer, "Computer... What is the time?"  The computer Replied 
"Zero three hundred hours".  He fell back into his bed and called to the 
door.  "Come"  He was still half asleep and he lay there staring at the

Sara walked into the darken living room and looked around. "Scooby?" She 
called out as she moved into the room. Then it hit hurt, he was in bed. She 
walked towards the bedroom as if it were the most natural thing in the world 
for to walk in there. Which it kinda was, she was always doing that to him 
back in the academy and in med school. "Scooby?" She whispered this time. 
"Did I wake you? I am so sorry."

He pulled himself out from underneath the covers and leaned against the wall. 
 "Don't worry about it... I have to be up in 3 hours anyway... sleep is 
overrated"  He smiled at her.  Even after a full day in sick bay she still 
looked so beautiful.  He stretched a bit in his bed and moved over to give 
Sara some room to sit down.  He looked at her, still kind of half
asleep.  "What's up Tribbs?"

"I just left sick bay and didn't fell like being alone." She answered him as 
she walked across the room. "I figured out of all of you.. you would be the 
lest likely to kill me for showing up at this time of the morning." She 
teased  with a smile as she sat on the edge of his bed. "It's been a while 
since I've done this." She laughed. 

"I know" he laughed with her.  "I miss it."  He frowned a bit. "I haven't 
been able to see you much lately."  He started fidgeting with his sheets, 
kicking them and pulling at them.  He shifted to a more comfortable position. 
"I've been pretty busy lately.  I'm sorry if I haven't had time for you."  He 
straightened up a bit and looked into her eyes.  "I've been
pretty busy.  All those people in the cargo bay. It does help having you 
doing my paperwork lately.  Thanks a lot for that. I really appreciate it." 

Sara laughed as she leaned back on her arms. Her back muscles had been tight 
and sore all evening and noting she did seemed to help. "Your most welcome, 
but I'm not the one you should be thanking." Sara looked over at Anthony and 
smiled at the sight of him. He looked just as he had back in the day when she 
would come bursting into his room, normally on a caffeine kick and study over 
drive. His blonde hair was a mess, with several large spikes on top.  and his 
t-shirt and sweat pants were wrinkled and mish matched. "And don't worry 
about it.. We've all been busy.. I think I've spent more time with the 
computer in the past few days then I did during finals our senor year."

Anthony noticed her struggling with her back muscles.  "I can tell you've 
been stressed lately."  He looked her up and down... she was all rigid 
sitting there at the edge of the bed.  "You don’t look to comfortable 
Tribbs... Would you like to take a hot bath or something?"  Anthony stood up. 
 "I could run a bath for you if you'd like...make you a bite to eat?" 

That sounded wonderful to her. She had taken a 5 min shower and changed her 
uniform after she was sure Dnalls was out of the woods and she had totally 
forgotten to eat. "I'm staving." She answered. But she wasn't quite sure 
about the bath; she was after all in his quarters and unlike the academy she 
didn't keep any of her things there. 

Anthony walked over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of jogging pants and 
his favorite big T-shirt, the one she used to wear while they were studying.  
"Come on Tribbs" he tossed the closes to Sara.  "It'll be good for you and 
besides.  It'll give you something to do while I'm making you breakfast."  He 
smiled.  "Its no problem, and you need a hot bath, it'll do you good."  He 
smiled waiting for her to give in. He added.  "I enjoy taking care of you.  
We've always taken care of each other."

Sara nodded her head and smiled. "That we have Scoob." She picked up the 
cloths and looked at them. "I can't believe you still have this old Yankees 
t-shirt." She held the familiar item up to her face. It was soft and still 
smiled like the his after shave. She looked at Anthony and back at the shirt. 
"Oh what the hell, way not." She finally gave in. She stood still holding 
tight to the shirt and then grabbed the jogging pants and headed into the 

Anthony headed in before she started disrobing.  He walked up to the bath and 
started running the hot water.  He smiled and took the clothes from her and 
placed them on the counter.  He handed her a bathrobe. "Just change in my 
room right now... I've got some things to set up here for you." He adjusted 
the temperature of the water and felt it again.  "Go ahead... it'll be ready 
by the time you get here."

Sara was more then a little surprised at his request but she did as he asked 
and walked back into the bedroom. She lied the robe on the bed and started to 
unzip her uniform jacket. She allowed it to fall from her shoulders and onto 
the floor. She was just about to grab the bottom of the under shirt when she 
stopped. All of a sudden she wondered what Josh would say if he knew she was 
getting undressed in Anthony's bedroom. "Oh don't be
silly.. He knows you and Anthony are close... He knows that there is nothing 
going on between us like that... Anthony and I have always been open with 
each other and taken care of each other and that's all he's doing for me 
now." She whispered to herself. "And if this bothers him, then tuff he'll 
just have to deal with it." She added as she pulled the shirt over her head. 
If only she really believed that.  Sara finished undressing and put the large 
terry cloth robe on. She placed her uniform and other things in a neat pile 
on the end of the bed. "Can I come in yet?" She called out. 

Anthony tested the water to make sure the temperature was just right.  He had 
added the bubble bath he received as a gift from the old nun at the 
orphanage.  "You can come in now!"  He smiled as he passed her on the way in. 
"By the way... before you get in the bath... do you want anything to drink or 
anything at all while you're in there?"

Sara smiled. Not only had he added lavender bubble bath, he had softened the 
lights and pulled out some old candles she knew use to be hers. "Your to go 
to me Scoob.. No thanks on the drink.. This is perfect." She let the robe 
fall to the floor as she stepped carefully into the water. She sighed loudly 
as the hot water engulfed her. She stretched out and sank as deeply into the 
tub as she could. Lying back and resting her head on the edge of the tub, she 
called out for the computer to access one of her music files and play it. 
"You may never get me out of here Scoob."

He smiled as he walked over to the replicater... "Stay as long as you like"  
He accessed the replicater using the manual controls.  He didn't want her to 
hear what he was making her for breakfast. He wanted her to smell the aromas 
and float from the bath to the table.  He whistled to the music as he 
compiled the ingredients for his magnificent breakfast.  He added two eggs 
with a varied assortment of spices. He had the computer get some bacon with 
some unusual pork spices throughout the slices.  He had the computer make her 
some toast, not too toasted... but just how she liked it. He placed the plate 
with the eggs and bacon on the table.  He set the toast beside the plate and 
spread peanut butter lightly over it.  He set a knife and fork on either side 
and poured her a tall glass of orange
juice... pulp free of course.  He stood there and admired the meal.  He then 
went and sat down on the couch and waited for her to finish with her bath.  
He decided to read a novel he had wanted to for a while. 

Sara came out of the bathroom dressed in Anthony's jogging pants, that were 
way to big on her, thank goodness for the draw string, and his classic 
baseball t-shirt. "Oh what smiles so good?" She asked as she entered the 
living room rubbing her shoulder length red hair in a fetal attempt to dry it 
with a terry cloth towel. She looked at the food on the table and smiled. 
"Bacon, eggs and peanut butter toast." She said with a smile. "You 
remembered." She threw the towel onto a chair and smiled.. "Ok where is it." 

He looked up at the worried look no her face.  "Don't worry... You'll have 
your coffee... I know you like it fresh."  He walked over to the replicater 
and got her a hot cup of coffee with just the smallest amount of hazelnut 
flavor to it.  He set the coffee by the orange juice.  He walked back over to 
the replicater and replicated himself a bowl of cheerios and set it down at 
his chair. He pulled Sara's chair out for her as she got close to the table.

Sara ate her breakfast as if she hadn't eaten for a week. Taking bites of 
yoke covered bacon in between telling a story about Anthony and her sneaking 
off campus to go to a rock concert and laughing at Anthony's impression of 
the of her mother. After they had both finished they moved to his couch, him 
with a glass of milk and her with her coffee. She gazed at the mug and smiled 
as she sat down. "I've missed you." She teased as she took a long slow sip. 
Then she looked at Anthony. "I've missed this too." She said. "It's been far 
to long since we have done anything like this."

He took a large gulp of his milk, leaving a mustache on his face.  He sat his 
glass down on the table.  " I’ve missed you too."   He smiled at her.  She 
looked so relaxed after her bath.  "Did you enjoy your bath?"

Sara laughed as she wiped away his milk mustache with her thumb. "It was just 
what I needed. I haven't been that knotted up in ages." She answered him as 
she curled up into the corner of the couch. They talked some more about life 
on the ship and how different things were. Sara even talked about her recent 
run ins with Morrigan. Including the last one. "I haven't felt like that 
since my Mom caught me climbing out my bedroom window when I was 14." She 

Anthony had finished his milk.  He just stared at the empty glass on the 
table.  "So that's why you had to do my paperwork."  Hearing that she 
compromised her career just for a few moments with Josh disturbed him.  It 
was also difficult because of how he felt about her.  He just breathed 
deeply.  He didn't know what to say, but he didn't want to upset her good 
mood by worrying her with his feelings.  They were secondary to her happiness 
this point.  "So?" He tapped his fingers on his knees. "Talked to your mother 

Over the years they had each picked up on some of the others mannerisms. 
Changing the subject when things got weird was one of hers that he had picked 
up. "She sent me a letter." She answered him, allowing the subject to be 
changed. Time was slipping away from them as they talked and soon Anthony 
would have to be in sick bay for the early shift and Sara was finally 
starting to feel sleepy. She knew she should be leaving and going back to her 
quarters but Anthony was now doing his impression of the captain and she was 
laughing and enjoying just being with her best friend; that she didn't want 
to let go of.  

Anthony was cleaning up everything from breakfast when he noticed, he stopped 
getting responses from Sara.  He looked over and she had let herself fall 
asleep.  He smiled at her.  She looked so beautiful, so peaceful as she 
slept. After cleaning up, he walked over to the bathroom and showered before 
his shift.  After his shower he dressed, shaved  and was ready just in time 
for him to leave before his shift.  He walked over to Sara and gently picked 
her up off the couch and carried her into the bed room.  He laid her down 
gently and pulled the sheets over her.  He stood there and smiled at her 
sleeping.  He said quietly to himself "If only you knew how much I truly 
loved you...    how much all the times you talk about Josh, how it hurts.  
I'm thinking..." He swallowed nervously as a lone tear ran down his face.  
"I'm thinking its about time for me to give up." Anthony leaned in and kissed 
Sara softly in the forehead Then walked out into the living room.  He left 
her a PADD telling her that he would be by around lunch time with an extra 
uniform for her.  He left it on the main table and walked towards the door.  
He stopped and looked to the bedroom one last time and then he left

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