<USS Banshee> A Matter of Life

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    The acrid scent of the Kev'ara trees were so slight that most would have 
missed them, but J'van D'Nalls never did.  They welcomed him home like an old 
friend, with their oh so familiar aroma.  As they bloomed, their amethyst 
bulbs burst forth a brightly colored flower of a stunning pink.  The pink was 
not light an airy as they should have been, it was a more stale, heavy pink 
color, almost the look of drab pink paint over a drab dark surface.  The 
trees rose up like barken fingers, probing the sky above, searching for 
something.  As they swayed in the breeze, they nearly spoke to him, beckoning 
him to their trunks once more to play as a child, but this was more then 
that.   As the lands before him to a more defined visage, J'van was sure he 
was dreaming, as this what he saw was simply not possible, or was it?

    Before him was a pool of water, as pristine as the nature mother could 
ever have produced.  Within that pool, there was some movement, slight, but 
detectable.  J'van moved closer to investigate.  As he reached the edge of 
the pool, he peered into the waters.  The crystal clear liquid did little to 
hide the shape of the woman swimming toward him under the surface.   He knelt 
down closer, trying to see who this woman was.  The black hair was not much 
of a give away, considering about seventy percent of the women on Betazed had 
black hair.  Her body, hard to say, it did not betray much of her identity 
either.  She was on the taller side, five foot seven to five foot ten, with a 
slight yet athletic build.  She obviously was not the common house wife, she 
kept her body in good shape, at least it looked like it threw the water.  She 
finally neared the edge of the pool and stood, much to J'van's amazement.

    The female figure was covered in nothing more then a thin veil of water.  
But that was not the surprise, he surprise was the face, his Captain, 
Rhiannon Morrigan.  Was this truly a dream, or did that disruptor blast send 
him straight to the afterlife?  Surely, with her there, it must be the later. 

    "Captain, what are you doing here?" He asked of her.

    "I am not your Captain, J'van, here I am so much more then that." 

    "But… how, am I dead, is this my afterlife, with you, here in the lands 
that used to be my home?  It is fitting, I suppose.  I just figured with the 
brutality in my life, that my death would bring me my judgment, and I would 
not like what would happen next."

    "You're not being judged, J'van, not quite yet.  You are not dead, you 
still live, but you are dangerously close to crossing over.  I am here to 
comfort you and help you with the transition if it does come to pass."

    "I'm not dead?  Well, that is a relief.  Is my fate destined, or can I 
stop this… transition."

    "Nothing is sealed yet, dearest J'van.  You are teetering on oblivion; I 
await you on one side, your life before stand waiting on the other. "

    "Can I choose which way I wish to go, or is it just a matter of fate?" He 
asked, inquisitively.

    "Your will is strong, young J'van, and your spirit is resilient.  You can 
not choose, but your will can surely effect the outcome."

    "As much as spending eternity here with you sounds wonderful, I would far 
rather fell that which I feel in the presence of the real Rhi." He replied, 
boldly, without so much as a second thought.

    "As I said, dearest J'van, your fate is not yet sealed; you may well have 
that chance." She replied.

    "Can't you tell them, tell someone… I can't just leave like this.  She is 
the only woman I have ever felt this way about.  She scares the hell out of 
me, a man that has face 10 Nausicans single handedly without so much as a 
hint of fear.  She can do more to me than a thousand disruptor blasts.  Damn 
my eyes for ever falling upon her, but they did, and I no longer have a 
choice in the matter.  Tell them, they can have me, but all I want is five 
minutes with her before I die.   Nothing more, just let me try to tell her of 
a lifetime of love and trust in a mere five minutes, please, tell them!" He 
was shouting in a near panic.

    "Sweet J'van, you are not judged yet.  You may still have that lifetime 
to show her yourself.  Do not assume that my presence means that you have no 
chance of return.  I am merely here to guide you." She replied calmly.

    "Tell whomever there is that will hear me!  I will give my soul willingly 
to return to her, if for just a few minutes!  She is more important then " He 
was then interrupted as the woman before him closed her eyes.

    "The judgment is near, fairwell, J'van Tyr D'nalls, you will fade now… 
when you next have sight, it will either be here again or back on your ship.  
Good Luck." She stated, and before he could reply, everything went out of 
focus and then faded to black.   Seconds seemed like hours as he waited, not 
knowing where he would end up.

    "Doctor, is he going to be all right?" a voice pierced the darkness.  It 
sounded like, could it be…. Yes, it was just what he had hoped, the voice of 
Captain Rhiannon Morrigan.

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