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Another Day at the office
By Ensign Sara Crusher

Sara waited impatiently for Anthony to get to sick bay. She hoped that he 
would get there before Josh did. She had already disobeyed orders once in the 
past 10 minutes she didn’t want to push her luck. She breathed a great sigh 
of relief when he walked in the door. "Josh is on his way. He has a third 
degree burn on his arm with a plasma infection already starting to set in. I 
began treatment and then he was called to the bridge and now he’s on his way 
back and you HAVE to finish the treatment." It was all one breathlessly long 
sentence. She didn’t give him time to do anything but nod his head. She 
smiled at him, threw her arms around him in a grateful hug and the dashed 
into the AMO officer, or as she had started calling it, home. 

Sara sat behind the desk her head in her hands. "You were the only one here." 
She said out loud. "It was a bad injury..... Your a doctor you can’t just sit 
there and not do something." She stood up and started pacing the room, trying 
to get a grip on all the emotions she was feeling. "She can’t honestly get 
after me for this. It was a tough call and I made it and I‘ll stand by it. 
Second guessing myself is not going to help anyone." Sara stopped in her 
tracks as she realized she was talking to herself very loudly.  She had 
reported it to Andros. He said it was fine, but does he know about the 
Captain's orders.

"You WILL NOT treat Asper in a private setting AGAIN. If he has a medical 
problem, he can obtain the proper clearances to report to medical and ANY of 
our fine staff can treat him there." 

The words rang in Sara’s mind as clearly as if the Captain had just spoken 
them. "It was an emergency and I WAS the ONLY doctor here." She told herself 
as she sat back down in her chair.  Sara finally took a deep breath. 
"Computer open duty log." She called out as she leaned back in the chair. 
"Log ready record when ready." 

Assistant Medical Officer Doctor Sara Crusher’s Duty Log: Supplemental.  

I reported on duty at 09:30 hours. Sick bay was empty except for the night    
 doctor     and a few nurses. After reliving the night shift I preceded to 
check on Lt. Dnalls.    The locations of the rest of this shift staff is; Dr. 
Anthony D’Vorak is currently    over seeing the wounded and infected caravan 
refugees in cargo bay 1. The location of the Chief Medical Officer is at this 
time unknown. 
Med Updates: Lt. Jg. Jvan Dnalls is recovering at a steady pace. He awoke 
from the virus/cure induced sleep at 0953 hours.  He is feeling weak and will 
require a   few days rest but he will make a full recovery from both his 
injuries and the virus. I will monitor him here in sick bay for the rest of 
the day and then release him to     his quarters for a minimum of three days 
off duty. 

At 1012 hours Lt. Joshua Asper came into sick bay with a medical emergency. I 
    directed my nurse to treat his injuries since I am under orders not to 
treat this officer myself. However, the severity of his wounds called for a 
doctor’s    evaluation. Under the circumstances I made the judgment call to 
assess the Lt’s injuries. The Lt. suffered third degree burns to his left 
fore arm. Tri-corder scans  also read signs of plasma induced infection that 
had started to settle into the wound. I gave the Lt. a hyperspray for the 
infection and began to treat the burn with a    dermal regenerator. I was 
unable to complete the treatment because the Lt. was called to the Bridge by 
Commander Andros. Asper was told to return to sick  bay as soon as he could 
so the treatment could be completed. I would like to add that Nurse Betty was 
not only in the room, but never left my side during my  treatment of Lt. 

Sara started to relax a bit as she listened to what she was saying and 
realized she had to stop being so damn jumpy. "Computer end log and file it. 
Also send a copy to the Captain." 

Sara stood from the desk and walked back into sick bay. It was empty again 
except for Anthony and Josh. She smiled at them as she walked over Dnalls 
once again to check his vital signs. Over it her day was looking pretty 
normal. She woke up in Scooby’s bed, was a half hour late for work, and 
disobeyed an order. She sighed and smiled. "And it’s not even lunch time 

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