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Ken – could you please only keep my yahoo email. (michaeldgoodhue@xxxxxxxxx)


Delete my Northrop Grumman email since I don’t want my search made public here   (Michael.goodhue@xxxxxxx)


Mike Goodhue


Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

System Integration, Test, & Evaluation (SIT&E)




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On behalf of Michael Goodhue:


Class XX,


Was wondering if any of you have any recommendations for recruiters within the high-technology, aerospace, cyberspace areas for the Los Angeles area. (Business development, Operations, Supply Chain).  Currently at Northrop in operations role, but rapidly shrinking business environment is a concern.


If any of you have used or recommend a particular recruiter (or any other search suggestions) please let me know - or just to say hello, its been awhile!





I'll get Michael's correct email address on the list.



Kenneth J. Walker, MBA, PMP

(805) 490-0326

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