[usbproxy] Re: noob

  • From: Dominic Spill <dominicgs@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: usbproxy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2015 18:21:03 +0100

On 27 July 2015 at 03:50, Mike Mannion <mannion@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Personally I can see how configfs could be seen as more elegant of a
solution, but I think gadgetfs is needed to maintain lower level
functionality (even though I can't figure out how to use it myself). But I'm
not a kernel developer so I'll stop and avoid a futile rant.

configfs doesn't give us the option of writing arbitrary devices or
copying device descriptors from another device. As far as I
understand it, these devices will always appear to the target host as
composite devices. I'd love for someone to show me that I'm wrong but
as it stands, this is a deal breaker for USBProxy.

gadgetfs is likely to stop being well maintained because the original
author is no longer a kernel developer.

We use a specific version of libusb to work around devices that
automatically get attached to a kernel driver. This means that you need to
use the version that was installed on the BBB OS image that was published.

Thanks for this, I'll retry with a clean setup making sure to use the
correct version. Which version should be used?

You can use the latest libusb from http://libusb.info/

Thanks, I guess I try to reverse engineer what usb.c does, it seems vaguely
similar to functionfs which I've had to do something similar with.

You could also look at our code in USBProxy, but it was in turn mostly
derived from usb.c.


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