[uae] Re: probs with DGA and multi-monitors

  • From: Richard Drummond <evilrich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 16:56:24 -0500

Hi Don

On Tuesday 13 April 2004 03:52 pm, Don Venhaus wrote:
> The new uae is amazing, glad to see it's back. I ran across a few
> small problems. I wonder if anyone has easy solutions.
> It doesn't always handle a two screen display properly in DGA mode.
> This is probably DGA's problem. Without xinerama it will come up for me
> on the 0.0 screen, but not on 0.1 . With xinerama, it fails in various
> ways. In 8.25, autoconfig fails. In 8.22, it goes into a reset loop.
> I've found no way to get full screen (on one screen ) display in +xinerama.

I haven't tested it with XInerama, so I don't know at the moment what's 
causing that problem. I'll have a look when I get some time.

> Maybe it could do a non DGA full screen mode, like gqview does. Gqview
> will show a picture full screen on one monitor, even in xinerama.

Yes. This is planned. ;-)

Of course, you can do this now if you build against SDL.

> This would solve another problem for me. 8.22 didn't open the gui if the
> config said no gui. But 8.25 always calls gtk_init, and gtk won't allow
> suid mode progs, so you can't do full screen unless you compile another
> version without the gui.

Ah. I didn't realize that. That'll need to be fixed.

> On another subject, Rich, do you plan to save the idle on halt and
> dont busy wait flags in the config? As it now, I can't run DGA and
> set those flags because I can't run an suid prog with the gui.

That'll be in the next version.

> Also, It would nice to be able to close the gui without exiting.

Yes. That'll be fixed eventually, too.

> Thanks Rich for picking up uae.

You're welcome.


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