[uae] probs with DGA and multi-monitors

  • From: Don Venhaus <76665.562@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 16:52:48 -0400

The new uae is amazing, glad to see it's back. I ran across a few
small problems. I wonder if anyone has easy solutions.

It doesn't always handle a two screen display properly in DGA mode.
This is probably DGA's problem. Without xinerama it will come up for me
on the 0.0 screen, but not on 0.1 . With xinerama, it fails in various
ways. In 8.25, autoconfig fails. In 8.22, it goes into a reset loop.
I've found no way to get full screen (on one screen ) display in +xinerama.

Maybe it could do a non DGA full screen mode, like gqview does. Gqview
will show a picture full screen on one monitor, even in xinerama.

This would solve another problem for me. 8.22 didn't open the gui if the
config said no gui. But 8.25 always calls gtk_init, and gtk won't allow
suid mode progs, so you can't do full screen unless you compile another
version without the gui.

In other words in 8.25 fullscreen DGA and the gtk gui are mutual exclusive.

On another subject, Rich, do you plan to save the idle on halt and
dont busy wait flags in the config? As it now, I can't run DGA and
set those flags because I can't run an suid prog with the gui.

Also, It would nice to be able to close the gui without exiting.

Thanks Rich for picking up uae.


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