[uae] Re: GUI tweaks, JIT sound jitters, and cpu freq scaling.

  • From: Richard Drummond <evilrich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 02:05:08 -0500

Hi Lem

On Wednesday 01 December 2004 09:31 am, Lem wrote:
>  Very nice work you've been doing on UAE, most of it works well here.
> I was wondering though, in the GTK2 GUI, would it be possible for you to
> make the Kickstart ROM selection a text input area aswell? Rather than
> going to a file requester, I could just change two characters with the
> keyboard (eg. kick31.rom to kick13.rom). Same for the floppy disk paths,
> would be very handy.

I'm going to re-do the floppy path widgets so they support the history of disk 
images inserted - adding keyboard input as you suggest shouldn't be a problem 
then. The reason this isn't supported at the moment is that you really need 
some kind of pop-up to support this properly. A plain Gtk+ text entry widget 
placed directly on the page wouldn't really work - you need some way of 
signalling that you've finished typing, so that the GUI can then send the 
changed path to UAE. 

Also, I'm going to support the automatic scanning for ROM files that WinUAE 
now does, and so the ROM path widget will be a combo box with a choice of 
whatever ROM files have been found. 

>  It's probably already on your ToDo list, but I thought adding the
> options which can be accessed via direct editing to the configuration
> GUI would be nice too (save shuffling through FAQs, posts to this list
> and so forth :) - hardfile configuration and management comes to
> mind :)).

Definitely on the to-do list. ;-)

>  Now, JIT and sound don't work very well here together. I'm running
> E-UAE on 32bit Debian Sid (AMD Athlon64 3000+ with all the bells and
> whistles), GCC 3.3.5, and Linux 2.6.9-ac11..

Hmmmm. Has this gotten worse or has it always been a problem on your set-up?

>  When JIT is enabled (ie. CPU emulation speed set to Maximum), sound
> output will be ok for a second or so, then will start getting pops,
> clicks and jitters in it. Setting the CPU emulation speed to Adjustable
> or Approximate 68000 speed corrects the sound output. If I remember
> correctly, WinUAE had sound issues a while back (does it still?), and a
> calibration/compensation slider was added to the GUI.

Okay. I'll look into this.

>  Lastly, E-UAE is totally intolerant of CPU frequency scaling, the
> timing is thrown out completely (as one would expect). I need to disable
> freq. scaling on the Athlon64 to run UAE properly. It's not much of a
> drawback, just one of those little things :) .. is there another timer
> source that UAE could use instead of processor clock speed? (If that's
> even what this is about) I understand the Linux kernel provides a few
> methods for timing.

Yes. You mentioned this before. My best idea for a solution at the moment is 
to implement an option which makes E-UAE use the standard system clock (via 
the gettimeofday() function) for timing  - it uses this on hardware other 
than x86 and PPC at the moment anyway. I wonder if there's some way of 
detecting that frequency scaling is enabled - to save the need for the config 
option. I don't have a system which does frequency scaling at the moment, so 
this is something that I need to investigate.

>  Thanks again for all of your work, it's awesome, and very much
> appreciated! 

You're welcome.


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