[uae] GUI tweaks, JIT sound jitters, and cpu freq scaling.

  • From: Lem <l3mming@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: uae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 00:31:14 +1000

Hey Rich :)

 Very nice work you've been doing on UAE, most of it works well here.
I was wondering though, in the GTK2 GUI, would it be possible for you to
make the Kickstart ROM selection a text input area aswell? Rather than
going to a file requester, I could just change two characters with the
keyboard (eg. kick31.rom to kick13.rom). Same for the floppy disk paths,
would be very handy.

 It's probably already on your ToDo list, but I thought adding the
options which can be accessed via direct editing to the configuration
GUI would be nice too (save shuffling through FAQs, posts to this list
and so forth :) - hardfile configuration and management comes to
mind :)).

 Now, JIT and sound don't work very well here together. I'm running
E-UAE on 32bit Debian Sid (AMD Athlon64 3000+ with all the bells and
whistles), GCC 3.3.5, and Linux 2.6.9-ac11..

 When JIT is enabled (ie. CPU emulation speed set to Maximum), sound
output will be ok for a second or so, then will start getting pops,
clicks and jitters in it. Setting the CPU emulation speed to Adjustable
or Approximate 68000 speed corrects the sound output. If I remember
correctly, WinUAE had sound issues a while back (does it still?), and a
calibration/compensation slider was added to the GUI.

 Lastly, E-UAE is totally intolerant of CPU frequency scaling, the
timing is thrown out completely (as one would expect). I need to disable
freq. scaling on the Athlon64 to run UAE properly. It's not much of a
drawback, just one of those little things :) .. is there another timer
source that UAE could use instead of processor clock speed? (If that's
even what this is about) I understand the Linux kernel provides a few
methods for timing.

 Thanks again for all of your work, it's awesome, and very much
appreciated! If you need specific details from me, let me know :)

Kind regards,

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