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TN Birders:
    Several people have asked me if and when I would update "TN Birders by the 
Numbers" and now that the 2006 ABA List Report has been published (and I have a 
little time before semesters), I can finally comply and, like last year, we can 
see where TN birders stand.  And the news is very good indeed!  Like last year, 
let's begin with "Total Ticks".

I. Total Ticks: States/Provinces by Total Ticks Birders

    As many of you know, the ABA's Total Ticks is where you list the total 
species seen in states (but not HI), Canadian provinces, DC & the French 
islands of St.-Pierre & Miquelon (located just south of the Island of 
Newfoundland), with a threshold (requirement) of 4,000 total birds in these 
areas.   Last year we tied for 8th so our record of 3 (tied with California) 
this year is a decided advance.  Only one state (MI) has more total tickers 
than TN!

1. Michigan (9 birders)
3.-tied TENNESSEE (7)
3.-t California (7)
7.-t Massachusetts (6)
7.-t New Jersey (6)
7.-t Texas (6)
7.-t Washington (6)
8. Maryland (5)
16.-t Colorado (4)
16.-t Florida (4)
16.-t Illinois (4)
16.-t Indiana (4)
16.-t New York (4)
16.-t Pennsylvania (4)
16.-t Rhode Island (4)
16.-t Virginia (4)

And just who are these well traveled total tickers?  For 2006 they are: Rick 
Waldrop (8550), Robert Odear (8385), Kevin Breault (6395), John Henderson 
(6091), John Moyle (5569), David Trently (4229), and Bill Pulliam (4202). 

II.  States/Provinces by ABA Area Birders

    Perhaps the major ABA list, the "ABA Area" includes all the states (but 
again not HI), Canadian provinces, St. Pierre & Miquelon and adjacent waters, 
with a threshold of 500 species.  Like last year we came in 14th with 23 
birders in the number of reporting birders on the ABA Area list.   Yet, I know 
of two birders who did not report this year.  Get those reports in!  Note that 
not on the table are the states that have few ABA Area birders.  I wonder why.  
South Dakota has only one reporting ABA Area birder; Alaska, DC, Kentucky and 
Montana have two; and Alabama, Maine, Mississippi, Nevada, West Virginia and 
Wyoming have three.

1. California (89 birders)
2. Texas (63)
3. Florida (50)
4. Michigan (41)
5. Massachusetts (39)
6. Arizona (37)
7. Washington (33)
9.-t Colorado (31)
9.-t Maryland (31)
10. New Jersey (29)
11. New York (27)
13.-t Ohio (25)
13.-t Pennsylvania (25)
14. TENNESSEE (23)

    Who are the 23 intrepid TN birders for 2006?   Robert Odear (776 birds), 
Dollyann Myers (754), Nita Neilman (750), John Henderson (747), Daniel Jacobson 
(747), Rick Waldrop (732), Kevin Calhoon (731), Clyde Blum (716), Rick Knight 
(706), Kathy Jacobson (694), Judy Newsome (677), Carol Fegarido (677), Terry 
Witt (663), Gail & Steve Clendenen (658), Jeff Wilson (642), Kevin Breault 
(628), Ron Huff (614), John Moyle (614), Francis Fekel (603), Bill Pulliam 
(590), Michael Todd (589), David Trently (551).

III.  TN Birders on State/Province Lists Other than Tennessee 

    Many TN birders are on the lists for other states (exactly 21 TN birders 
with a total of 28 states/provinces).  Each state or Canadian province has a 
requirement of 50% species identified.  In 2006 (and again next year in 2007), 
the TN requirement is 203, i.e., in order to record your TN total with the ABA 
you must have identified 203 species in TN.  The following table provides TN 
birders by the number of states/provinces at the 50% threshold, and the 
specific states/provinces ranked first among TN birders.  Thus, Robert Odear 
has 50% or more species in 21 states/provinces and in six states/provinces is 
first among all TN birders.

1. Robert Odear (21 states/provinces), CT, DE, MO, OR, BC, MB (first among TN 
2. Rick Waldrop (16), IN, ND, VA, WV
3. Kevin Calhoon (11), FL, OH, SC
4. John Henderson (8) 
5. Daniel Jacobson (7), GA, KY, MS
6. Jeff Wilson (5), AL, AR
10.-t Clyde Blum (4)
10.-t Carol Fegarido (4), CA
10.-t John Moyle (4), CT, NJ, NY
10.-t Bill Pulliam (4)
15.-t Kevin Breault (3), IL
15.-t Francis Fekel (3), AZ
15.-t Mark Greene (3)
15.-t Rick Knight (3), LA, NC, TX
15.-t David Trently (3), PA
17.-t Phillip Casteel (2)
17.-t Kathy Jacobson (2)
21.-t Gail & Steven Clendenen (1)
21.-t Dollyann Myers (1)
21.-t Judy Newsome (1)

IV.  Canada: The Undiscovered Country?

    Speaking of Robert Odear, he is the only TN birder to report on ABA's 
Canada list, and the only TN birder with 50% or greater for a Canadian 
province, i.e., BC & MB (British Columbia and Manitoba).  Note that the 
threshold for Canada is only 350, and several trips to British Columbia and 
Ontario or Quebec might do the trick!   Where to bird in BC, ON and QC?  In 
British Columbia, the Vancouver Bird Sanctuary and Victoria Waterfront are must 
sees; in Ontario, Point Pelee, Algonquin Provincial Park and Niagara are great; 
in Quebec, the Gaspe Peninsula and Bonaventure Island are necessary.    

V.  The World

    What about TN birders beyond the ABA Area?  Let's begin with the World list 
and focus on some of the other non-ABA area lists and our TN leaders.  Our 
World leader with an amazing 6566 species is Dollyann Myers at a rank of 30 
among all ABA birders.  Ron Huff has 6382 at rank 36, and Terry Witt has 5730 
at rank 52.  Oh, if only I had the time and money!

VI.  North America

    If we include all areas in North America, Rick Waldrop has 1621 birds at a 
high rank of 5 (again, among all ABA birders!), and Dollyann Myers at 1504 
birds has a rank of 19.

VII.  South America

    On ABA's South America list, Ron Huff has 2100 species at a rank of 28, 
Dollyann Myers is at 2089 with a rank of 29, Rick Waldrop has 1948 (45), and 
Terry Witt has 1920 (48).    

VIII.  Africa

    Our leaders in Africa are Dollyann Myers (1346 @ 29), Ron Huff (1309 @ 33), 
and Terry Witt (1279 @ 36).

IX.  Asia

    In Asia, Ron Huff has 1287 (29), Dollyann Myers is at 1250 (36), and Terry 
Witt has 1180 (40).

X.  Mexico

    In Mexico, Dollyann Myers has 694 (29), Jeff Wilson is at 686 (31), and 
Robert Odear has 660 (38).

XI.  Millennium List

    A new list for the ABA is the "Millennium List".  Here, you record the 
number of species identified in the ABA Area after January 1, 2001.  Carol 
Fegarido has 661 and leads TN birders at a rank of 13 (among all ABA birders), 
Daniel Jacobson has 612 at a rank of 33, and Gail and Steve Clendenen have 587 
at a rank of 46.

XII.  East South Central Region

    It would be interesting if the ABA had regional lists for the US, yet one 
problem is just how would the regions be defined?  For example,  would TN be in 
the same region as Arkansas?  What state grouping/region should TN be in?  The 
major regional groupings in the US are the ones developed by the US Census 
Bureau.  The "East South Central Region" includes Alabama, Kentucky, 
Mississippi, and Tennessee.  The following table includes the top eight totals 
among all birders on the state lists for AL, KY, MS and TN.  Note that six of 
the ten are TN birders!

1. Jeff Wilson, TN  (1214 birds)
2. Rick Waldrop, TN  (1033)
3. Larry Peavler, IN  (1027) 
4. Kevin Calhoon, TN  (999)
5. Robert Odear, TN  (970)
6. Leif Anderson, AR  (950)
7. Mike Resch, MA  (911)
8. Deuane Hoffman, PA  (907)
9. Daniel Jacobson, TN  (846)
10. John Henderson, TN  (830)

XIII.  Annual Lists

    The ABA has various annual lists.  Among them is that for the ABA Area, in 
which Carol Fegarido has a strong 550 birds with a rank of 9 for 2006.  On the 
"United States" list, Carol also has a rank of 6.  In the World, Dollyann Myers 
has 1975 annual (2006) birds with a fantastic rank of 4 (among all ABA 
birders), with Ron Huff very close at 1964 with a rank of 6.

XIV.  Annual Total Ticks

    The ABA does not have a list for annual total ticks but it can (with 
difficulty!) be calculated.  The following tables include the top ten birders 
(11 in the case of 2006) by number of total ticks for the indicated years (I 
include all the years as these have not been published before).  Note that 1998 
was the first year for Total Ticks, and that to be counted in a year you must 
have a record for the previous year.  Thus, Rick Waldrop ranks first in annual 
total ticks for 2006 with a total of 1295.  Also note that John Henderson is 
4th and David Chaffin 10th on the 2000 list; Robert Odear is 5th and David 
Chaffin 6th on the 2001 list; David Chaffin is 10th in 2002 and 8th in 2005; 
Kevin Breault is 3rd in 2005 and 11th in 2006.

Annual Total Ticks, 1999

1. Tom Schlegel, Switzerland  (1290)
2. Donald Chalfant, MI  (1200)
3. David Pashley, VA  (730)
4. Cecil Kersting, LA  (573)
5. Michael Overton, IA  (568)
6. Walter Bosse, RI  (544)
7. Peter Worthington, SC  (533)
8. Robin Carter, SC  (469)
9. Caroline Eastman, SC  (457)
10. Luke Cole, CA  (415)

Annual Total Ticks, 2000

1. Robert Machover, NJ  (1024)
2. M. Christine Sidler, RI  (901)
3. Leif Anderson, AR  (721)
5. Hugh Willoughby, RI  (571)
6. Donald Chalfant, MI  (531)
7. Michael Overton, IA  (509)
8. Jay Withgott, CA  (442)
9. Cecil Kersting, LA  (437)
10. DAVID CHAFFIN, TN  (389)

Annual Total Ticks, 2001

1. Ken Ward, VT  (2439)
2. Cecil Kersting, LA  (1868)
3. Thomas Heatley, MI  (1698)
4. Barbara Baldinger, MI  (1190)
5. ROBERT ODEAR, TN  (1103)
7. Jack Hugas, VA  (778)
8. Leif Anderson, AR  (739)
9. Marian Sandsberry, AZ  (739)
10. Kenneth Burton, CA  (696)

Annual Total Ticks, 2002

1. Jack Hugas, VA  (2578)
2. Edwin Smith, MI  (1507)
3. Shirley Smith, MI  (1393)
4. Karl Overman, MI  (1362)
5. Richard Rosche, NY  (1285)
6. Reynold Larsen, RI  (1141)
7. Phillip Bedient, MA  (758)
8. Edwin Powers, IN  (700)
9. Richard Irvin, ID  (630)
10. DAVID CHAFFIN, TN  (580)

Annual Total Tick, 2003

1. Kenneth Brock, IN  (1142)
2. Paul Marvin, FL  (983)
3. Robin Carter, SC  (952)
4. Caroline Eastman, SC  (918)
5. Stephen Dinsmore, MS  (734)
6. M. Christine Sidler, RI  (678)
7. David Narins, FL  (627)
8. M. Wade, MO  (624)
9. Larry Hood, IL  (593)
10. Robert Machover, NJ  (499)

Annual Total Ticks, 2004

1. Albert Filemyr, PA  (1294)
2. Jean Richmond, CA  (1184)
3. Kenneth Ward, VT  (1176)
4. M. Wade, MO  (998)
5. Joy Bowen, MD  (641)
6. Michael Bowen, MD  (606)
7. Kevin Rolle, HI  (577)
9. John Gatchet, OR  (491)
10. Roger Foxall, BC  (456)

Annual Total Ticks, 2005

1. Robert Walton, IN  (1253)
2. Robin Carter, SC  (941)
4. Albert Filemyr, PA  (805)
5. Nancy Laframboise, WA  (768)
6. Bill Laframboise, WA  (766)
7. Paul Lehman, NJ  (741)
8. M. Wade, MO  (712)
9. Ron Haaseth, MA  (690)
10. Kent Davis, VA  (542)

Annual Total Ticks, 2006

1. RICK WALDROP, TN  (1295)
2. Allen Richards, MA  (1106)
3. Phillip Bedient, MA  (922)
4. Joan Bathke, MO  (858)
5. Mary McDavit, NC  (856)
6. Steven Matherly, TX  (798)
7. C. Zeillemaker, ID  (750)
8. Albert Filemyr, PA  (709)
9. Bill Laframbois, WA  (697)
10. Nancy Laframbois, WA  (696)
11. KEVIN BREAULT, TN  (694)

    Well, that is all for this year.  Good luck for 2007!   Let me apologize in 
advance for any errors.  There are lots of numbers and calculations here and 
I'm sure some are incorrect.  Let me know and I'll make a note of it next year. 
 Finally, needless to say, you can't list your ABA totals unless you are a 
member of the national body, the American Birding Association 
(www.americanbirding.org).  An Individual membership is $45 and Joint is $52, 
and you get subscriptions to Birding, a very nice full-color magazine, Winging 
It, a newsletter with all things birds (where to go birding, sightings, 
conferences, etc.), and the ABA Big Day and List Report.  A good investment for 
all TN birders!

Kevin Breault
Brentwood, TN 

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